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[san-tech][02585] BlueArc & Permabit と BlueArc VMware over NFS

Date: Wed, 01 Sep 2010 00:55:35 +0900
"Permabit and BlueArc Announce OEM Relationship", Aug. 30, 2010

  "BlueArc will embed Permabit's Albireo technology, the industry's
   first and only OEM embedded data optimization solution delivering
   high performance primary data deduplication, into its upcoming
   technology solutions. BlueArc selected Albireo based on several
   key features:"


Albireo High Performance Data Optimization Software
OEM Data Optimization Solutions for Next Generation Storage

"BlueArc Goes OEM with Permabit Technology Partnership"
 August 31, 2010
"BlueArc goes for deduplication"
 31st August 2010

"BlueArc Announces New Storage Solution Suite for VMware over NFS"
 Aug. 30, 2010

  "announced a new suite of storage solutions for VMware over NFS.
   BlueArc's new JetCenter for vSphere, Jet Clone and JetMirror
   software suite, combined with the industry's highest-performing
   BlueArc Titan and Mercury network storage platforms, enables
   customers to simplify storage, network and data management tasks
   to allow enterprise IT to deploy VMware more broadly, including
   mission critical applications."

  "BlueArc JetCenter GUI software simplifies management of snapshot
   based backup and recovery operations by directly integrating into
   the vCenter interface, allowing VMware administrators to use a
   familiar management interface to create backups or recover virtual
   machines or VMDK files."

  "JetClone, another new feature incorporated into the BlueArc
   SiliconFS file system, enables IT managers to lower their total
   cost of ownership with the industry’s most space efficient,
   writable VMDK file snapshots."

  "BlueArc's JetMirror is a new high-speed replication feature which
   significantly reduces the time required to replicate large, complex
   file systems for data protection and disaster recovery."


Fastest NFS Storage for VMware is Simpler than SAN

"Best Practices for High Performance NFS Storage with VMware"
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White Papers

これも VMware絡みの新しそうな事例紹介
"Starbreeze Studios, AB Optimizes Developer Productivity and Manages
 Explosive Data Growth with BlueArc Storage for VMware"

  "" We designed our VMware solution on BlueArc storage because of
   its excellent NFS performance, reliability and ease of use.""
   Jon Johansson, Starbreeze IT

  "For Starbreeze, BlueArc NFS-based storage for VMware has proven
   very easy to work with, especially as the number of host servers
   grows. The VMware files can be managed just like any regular file
   and it is easy to recover an individual vmdk file from a snapshot
   if necessary."

Starbreeze Studios, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"Starbreeze Studios is a video game development studio based in Uppsala,

今回の一連の VMware関連ソフトウェア製品で、こういう環境での管理が楽に
Case Studies by Industry or Application

Industry Solutions (2011/06/12)
Fastest NFS Storage for VMware is Simpler than SAN

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