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[san-tech][02331] 講演資料:Non-volatile Memories Workshop 2010, (2010/04/11 - 13)

Date: Wed, 26 May 2010 11:52:37 +0900
2010年 4月 11日~13日に UCSDで開催された

Non-volatile Memories Workshop 2010

  "The workshop will bring together scientists and engineers from
   industry and academia who are working on advanced non-volatile
   storage devices and systems. The goal is to facilitate the
   exchange of ideas, insights, and knowledge within this broad
   community of practitioners and researchers, and to foster the
   establishment of new collaborations that can propel future
   progress in the design and application of non-volatile memories."


Program Booklet

"Flash for Supercomputing", 21 May 2010

UCSDでは Flashベースの HPC構築が進んでいるので、関連発表もあります

"Gordon: An Architecture for Data Intensive Computing"
 Allan Snavely, SDSC, UCSD

"System and Algorithmic Adaptation for Flash"
 David Andersen, CMU
"Better I/O Through Byte-Addressable, Persistent Memory"
 Ed Nightingale, Microsoft
"Introduction to Fusion-io's NAND Flash Memory Tier"
 David Flynn, Fusion-io
"Enterprise Solid State Drives and Defining Characteristics of Enterprise Storage"
 Scott Stetzer, STEC
"Google's Experiences with Flash Memory"
 Al Borchers, Google
  (viewgraphs not available)

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