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[san-tech][02297] metarates: Metadata Performance Benchmarks, Linux Magazine, April 6th, 2010

Date: Thu, 13 May 2010 08:57:34 +0900
Linux Magazineの Metadata Benchmark紹介記事です:

"Harping on Metadata Performance: New Benchmarks"
 April 6th, 2010, Jeffrey B. Layton

今回は US NCARで開発された metaratesを使用しています

metarates, Developed by HSS, October 2004
High-End Services Section (HSS), NCAR
ただし、metaratesは MPIアプリケーションです。
It is a MPI application that tests metadata performance by using POSIX system calls:
    * creat() - (open and possibly create a file)
    * stat() - (get file status)
    * unlink() - (delete a name and possibly the file it refers to)
    * fsync() - (synchronize a file's in-core state with storage device)
    * close() - (close a file descriptor)
    * utime() - (change file last access and modification times)
Using these system calls, the main analysis options for metarates are the following:
    * Measure the rate of file creates/closes (create/close per second)
    * Measure the rate of utime calls (utimes per second)
    * Measure the rate of stat calls (stats per second)

筆者の Jeffrey B. Laytonさんは、今まで LLNLで開発された fdtreeという
Metadata Benchmarkを使用してきてました (fdtreeは IORと同じ部門が開発
した有名な Benchmarkです)
Scalable I/O Benchmark Downloads

"Metadata Performance of Four Linux File Systems"
 September 2nd, 2009
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"Size Can Matter: Improving Metadata Performance with Ext4 Journal Sizing - Part I"
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"Size Can Matter: Would You Prefer the Hard Drive or the Ramdisk this Evening? Part 3"
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"Size Can Matter: Throughput Performance with a Disk-Based Journal - Part 4"
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Comparison between fdtree and metarates
  "Let's compare the general trends we obtained from running metarates
   with running fdtree by looking at some highlights from both."

  "One of the intents of this article is to examine metadata performance
   using the metarates benchmark with a combination of journal size and
   devices as well as a function of the number of processes. But perhaps
   more importantly, an intent is to examine the trends of metadata
   performance when a different benchmark is used."

Jeffrey B. Laytonさんの記事一覧:
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