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[san-tech][02280] 完全液冷 Bladeサーバー

Date: Sun, 09 May 2010 09:38:40 +0900
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冷却液の中に収まっている Bladeサーバが発表されました:

"Hardcore ComputerR, Inc. Enters Server Market with Award-Winning
 Liquid-Submersion-Cooled, High Performance Liquid Blade"

  "Taking its acclaimed, patented total liquid submersion technology to
   the server market, Hardcore Computer, Inc., announced the launch of
   Liquid Blade, the first Total Liquid Submersion blade server."

  "Hardcore's Core Coolant is 1350 times better than air at heat
   removal by volume. Not only does this help cool components better,
   Liquid Blade technology increases compute density because far less
   space is required between components with liquid cooling than air
   and much smaller chassis sizes are possible."

Liquid Blade

内蔵されるマザーボードは通常の Xeon系です。
Form Factor
  6.3inch x 16.7inch motherboard
  Liquid submersion 2.6 inch x 7.0 inch x 32 inch custom chassis
  Allows for 7 x blades per 5U shelf

Hardcore Computer
Reactor Configuration

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