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[san-tech][02084] HP (EDS) Eco-Friendly Data Centre, Northern England

Date: Sat, 13 Feb 2010 22:17:44 +0900
イングランド北東部 (Durham郊外) の HP (EDS) データセンターのプレス

"Green Data Centre,
 Eco-Friendly Data Centre Promises Windfall For HP Clients", 02 Feb 2009

 "By 2011, the average UK data centre is expected to spend around £11m
  ($15.33m) a year on cooling IT systems, equipment and plant rooms."

 "Wynyard is able to reduce the cost of cooling in its facility through
  a number of design considerations:

   * Eight 2.2m diameter fans in each of the four halls in the data centre
     used to supply air and another eight used to exhaust air
   * A mixing chamber in the facility recirculates air to maintain
     conditions in the 5m-high pressurised plenum below the computer equipment
   * 8100m2 of technical space at an average capacity of 2260 w/m2 to
     a tier 3 standard
   * Humidification and cooling coils in the data centre to tune the
     outside air condition and remove contaminants

  At an average of 9 pence (11.7¢) per kWH, this design will save Wynyard
  approximately £1m ($1.4m) per hall, which will deliver HP and its clients
  energy efficient computing space with a carbon footprint of less than half
  of many of its competitors in the market."

※ Wynyardは 元は EDSのデータセンターです。

Eco 2.0  HP Virtual Green Data Center Project

以下の記事は非常に詳しいです (引用が多くてすいません):
"HP opens first ever wind-cooled data center", February 10, 2010
 "The air is forced up though the floor and runs over the front of server
  racks before being exhausted." ここいらへんはビデオを見て下さい
 "The system keeps the hall at a constant 24C (75.2F). When it is cold
  outside, some of the exhausted heat is recirculated with the outside
  air to maintain the right temperature."

 "In Billingham, the outside temperature only rises above 24C for about
  20 hours a year, , but the facility still needed traditional chillers
  for those occasions,"

 ""It's an ideal climate for this type of solution," Julian said.
  "We're moving large volumes of air at a low speed."" (これ大切)

 "Installing chillers in addition to building the natural air cooling
  added about 6% to the cost of building the data center, Julian said.
  The extra cost should be recouped in as few as two years due to the
  power savings."

 "Running at a full load, HP has calculated that the Wynyard facility
  has a 1.2 PUE, meaning "

 "Julian said each of the four data halls actually have a 1.16 PUE on
  their own, but that increases slightly to take into account electricity
  consumption in other areas, such as the 20,000-square foot office

 "Assuming HP pays between 10 and 11 pence per kilowatt hour, using
  outside air over chillers should save HP up to $4.16 million in power
  annually, Julian said."

 "The facility is also harvesting rainwater. In the winter, In the winter,
  the outside humidity can drop, and the data center should be kept
  between 40% to 60% humidity,"

 "Rainwater, which is filtered, is stored in 80,000-liter tanks. If
  the outside air is too dry, the filtered water is sprayed in a fine
  mist to bring the humidity up before the air passes into the data
 "Inside the data hall, HP has opted to put in light-colored server
  racks," ... "HP found data halls required 40% less lighting if the
  cabinets were not painted black." (これは意外)

  UPSと 85,000リットル燃料の自家発電で 4日間維持できるそうです。

"HP Opens First Ever Wind-cooled Data Center", Feb 10, 2010
"HP Opens New Wind-Cooled Data Center in Northern UK", February 10, 2010
"HP Unveils Huge Data Center Cooled By Wind", Feb 11, 2010;jsessionid=Q1VYJ2NKCYIUPQE1GHOSKHWATMY32JVN

データセンターのある Wynyard Park, UKのプレスリリース:
"£30 million pound investment to Wynyard Park", 2008年10月20日
 "EDS, an HP company, is investing millions of pounds "..." 300,000 sq ft
  warehouse facility known as Wynyard 360.
"International company moves onto Wynyard Park", 2009年05月22日

Wynyard Park
 "only minutes from the key regional airport (Durham Tees Valley)"
Wynyard Park, County Durham,_County_Durham

  イングランド北東部 (年平均気温:12.5度)

Data Center Modernization
Data Center Modernization: Related White Papers
HP ProLiant サーバー  >  技術情報

Date: Sat, 27 Feb 2010 08:28:01 +0900

Data Center Knowledgeにデータセンターの内部写真が公開されてます:

"Inside HP's New Green UK Data Center", February 19th, 2010

>  "Inside the data hall, HP has opted to put in light-colored server
>   racks," ... "HP found data halls required 40% less lighting if the
>   cabinets were not painted black." (これは意外)

"HP Wynyard: White Racks Save Power", February 19th, 2010
 "a design choice that can save energy, since the white surfaces
  reflect more light. This helps illuminate the serve room, allowing
  HP to use less intense lighting. Another energy-saving measure
  is the temperature in the contained cold aisle, which is
  maintained at 24 degrees C (75.2F)."


"ISG Data Centre Presentation",

Interior Services Group plc (ISG)

"International company moves onto Wynyard Park"

> Eco 2.0  HP Virtual Green Data Center Project

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