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[san-tech][02078] Crayをつかって次期 IndyCarを設計

Date: Thu, 11 Feb 2010 23:35:22 +0900
またまた HPC絡みのお話ですがいつもと趣向が違います

"Swift Forms Key Partnerships to Attract Indycar Business", February 2010
 "American race car company, Swift Engineering, Inc. is proud to
  announce key motorsport partnerships with industry leading companies
  to further its bid to design and build the next generation race car
  chassis for the 2012 IZOD IndyCar Series"

 "Key business alliances have been cemented between Swift and Cray Inc.
  (The Supercomputer Company), Indianapolis‐based Mark One Composites,
  Inc. and Cruden America, world leaders in motion racing simulators."

 "Cray supercomputers will be used at Swift's facility to further
  enhance its capabilities in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), an
  important tool in the design and development of aerodynamic concepts.
  In conjunction with Swift’s existing on‐site wind tunnel designs
  will be tested in accurate virtual models allowing for valuable driver
  feedback and performance data collection on Cruden's state‐of‐the‐art
  3Ctr 6‐DOF motion racing simulator which is soon to be operational at

  CONCEPT INDYCARS #23 and #32の CGも掲載されています。

Swift Forms Key Partnerships to Attract Indycar Business
※エンジンは HONDAに決定?
Ferrariの AMDプロセッサ (サーバーは HP?) は有名ですよね。

Swift Engineering, Inc.
The Swift Wind Tunnel

History, Cruden
 "Originating from the Fokker Aircraft Company which was declared
  bankrupt in 1996,"
Bespoke motion simulators for motorsport
Leading-edge technology in a fully inclusive simulator package

"スウィフト、2012年IRL用マシンのデザインコンセプトを公開", 2010.02.09

Swift Engineering, Inc.では経営陣の紹介ページは見つかりませんでした。


Swift Engineering, Inc.
 "In 1991, Swift was purchased by Panasonic executive and Indycar
  racing driver Hiro Matsushita and later renamed the firm to Swift
  Engineering. "

 (特殊な) 航空機にも参入しているようです
 "In 2007 Swift Engineering produced the prototype Eclipse 400 single
  engine jet aircraft under contract to Eclipse Aviation. The aircraft
  was built in secrecy at NASA's Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia
  and first flown on 2 July 2007."

The Swift KillerBee
The Swift KillerBee, Wikipedia
KillerBeeは 2009年 5月に Northrop Grumman社に売却したそうです。

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