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[san-tech][02527] Re: US DOD DARPA 新 HPCプロジェクト (OHPC) 公募

Date: Tue, 10 Aug 2010 20:23:38 +0900
[san-tech][02406] US DOD DARPA 新 HPCプロジェクト (OHPC) 公募

標題の OHPCプロジェクトではなく、元プロジェクト UHPC (Ubiquitous High
Performance Computing) の契約が決まりました:

"DARPA Developing ExtremeScale Supercomputer System", August 6, 2010

プロトタイプ (第一フェーズだけの契約だと思います) 4チーム
  Intel Corporation,
  NVIDIA Corporation,
  Massachusetts Institute of Technology Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory,
  Sandia National Laboratory,

Applications, Benchmarks and Metrics (プロジェクト期間ずっと)
  Georgia Institute of Technology

> UHPC BAAのページにある以下の講演資料がお勧めです:
> ACS Briefing: "Future Processing: ExtremeScale",
Bill Harrod, September 17, 2009

スケジュールは 22枚目、全部で 5フェーズ、第 1, 2:1年、第 3:2年....

Development Team
Phase 1: 12 months: 5 - 6 Teams (予算削減?)
  Conceptual system designs, including the initial execution model.
  Architectural review and analysis
Phase 2: 12 months: 3 - 4 Teams
  Updated UHPC Designs, non-UHPC Critical Technologies and Subsystems.
  Analysis and initial simulations/emulations of proposed systems.

Applications, Benchmarks, and Metrics Team
Phases 1 - 5: 1 Team
  Develop representative challenge applications to drive UHPC designs
  Develop benchmarks and metrics for evaluating performance, security, ….

いまのところ、プレスリリースは Nvidiaからだけです

"NVIDIA-Led Team Receives $25 Million Contract From DARPA to Develop
 High-Performance GPU Computing Systems",

  "A team led by NVIDIA has been awarded a research grant of $25 million
   by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the U.S.
   Defense Department's research and development arm, to address what
   the agency calls a "crisis in computing.""

  "The four-year research contract, awarded under DARPA's Ubiquitous
   High Performance Computing (UHPC ) program," ...
※フェーズ 1 - 3 (合計 4カ年) がまとめられたのでしょうか?
フェーズ 1 - 3は 4チームでの研究・設計競争、最終の実機検証は 2チーム?

  "The team -- which also includes Cray Inc., Oak Ridge National Laboratory
   and six top U.S. universities"

(Intelは MIC (Many Integrated Core) の開発費に回せますね)

"DARPA awards petaflops super challenge squeeze", 9th August 2010

  "The mystery about the DARPA ExtremeScale awards is why SGI was not
   among those chosen - perhaps SGI is on the Intel team? In early June,
   SGI announced Project Mojo, its own plan to pack a petaflops into
   a server rack - and using various kinds of accelerators."

   "Project Mojo ? the server rack that packs petaflops", 3rd June 2010

  "And what about IBM and Hewlett-Packard? Don't they accept ExtremeScale
   challenges?" のこりはこの二社になりますね。

Nvidiaと Oak Ridgeでは、一年近い前の記事ですが
"Oak Ridge goes gaga for Nvidia GPUs", 1st October 2009

Date: Wed, 22 Sep 2010 03:33:44 +0900

Crayは Intelの UHPCプロジェクトのメンバーでもあります。

"Intel and DARPA Collaborate on $49M Research Effort in Extreme Computing"
 August 16, 2010

  "Intel's UHPC Principal Investigator, which is DARPA-speak for the
   lead researcher, is Shekhar Borkar, an Intel Fellow and currently
   the head of the Academic Programs and Research unit at Intel Labs."
   ... "Our UHPC program will also engage several leading manufacturers
   of compute-intensive systems, including SGI, Lockheed Martin, and
   Cray to review our work and help guide us to commercially practical,
   extreme-scale solutions. Other collaborators include Micron Technology
   on advanced memory chip design and Sandia National Laboratories on
   future applications development."
[san-tech][02873] NVIDIA GPUDirect等々 (+Storage と GPU)
Date: Mon, 27 Dec 2010 19:41:05 +0900

時系列が逆になりますが、まずは先月開催された SC10関連:

NVIDIA GPU Computing, SC10

NVIDIA GPU Computing Theater, SC10
※NVIDIA展示ブースでの講演資料 (PDF+一部 MP4)

"GPU Computing: To ExaScale and Beyond"
 Bill Dally, NVIDIA Research, November 18, 2010
"SC10 - Exaスケールスパコンの実現を目指すNVIDIAの「Echelon計画」"


[san-tech][02877] US NCSA Blue Waters I/O Hub and Interconnection Network情報とか
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 2010 20:14:59 +0900

"The UHPC X-Caliber Project"
 Arun Rodrigues, Sandia, USA

[san-tech][02527] Re: US DOD DARPA 新 HPCプロジェクト (OHPC) 公募 で
紹介した DARPA UHPC (Ubiquitous High Performance Computing) プロジェクト
Sandiaチーム (すごいメンバー)

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