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[san-tech][03190] Slidecast: "Convey Hybrid Core Computing Rocks the Graph 500", 06.18.2011, insideHPC

Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2011 13:01:42 +0900
[san-tech][03204] Graph 500 Complete Results - June 2011公開
Intel Xeonと FPGAを組み合わせた異色の Hybrid Core Computerの Convey社
Convey HC-1exが Graph 500で良い成績を収めたので、それに合わせての

まずは Graph 500関連プレスリリース:
"Convey Computer Announces Graph 500 Performance"
 June 16, 2011
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  "Convey Computer announced today that the company has joined the
   ranks of the world's most powerful computer systems for
   data-intensive computing with its performance on the Graph 500
   benchmark. The performance of a single Convey HC-1ex node is 773
   million traversed edges per second (MTEPS) on a problem of
   scale 27."

Complete Results November 2010, Graph 500
では、Problem Size: Scale 27 (Toy+) のエントリーは
  Jaguar (Cray XT5-HE, 512 node subset): 800 MTEPS,
  Implementation: Reference
だけです(トータルエントリーは 9)。
2011年 6月版は Top500と一緒に発表となっています。


"最近の話題 2011年6月18日", Ando's Processor Information Page
  2.ConveyがGraph 500ベンチマークで773MTEPSを達成


   レータ全体では16DIMMチャネルを並列にアクセスできるので,Graph 500の

Graph 500一般に関しては
[san-tech][02900] Cray XMT (Massively Multithreaded Platform) プレスリリース等
> "まったく異なるスパコンの性能評価「Graph500」"
>  2011/01/12
>  SC10 - HPC Challenge、Green500とGraph500 (3)

"Slidecast: Convey Hybrid Core Computing Rocks the Graph 500"
"Hybrid Core Computing - Graph 500"
 2011/06/18, RichReport, 30:45, 360p

  "In this slidecast, Convey CEO Bruce Toal describes the advantages
   of the company's hybrid core architecture for graph computing."

残念ながら Slidecastのスライドは公開されていませんが、一般的な解説は

"Convey Hybrid Core Computing - Putting the Personality Back Into HPC"
 Gerald Sommariva (Eurotech Computers)
 21st Machine Evaluation Workshop, 30 Nov - 1 Dec 2010
[san-tech][02946] 講演資料:21st Machine Evaluation Workshop (2010/11/30 - 12/01)

"Instruction Set Innovations for Convey's HC-1 Computer"
 Tony Brewer, Convey Computer
 HOT CHIPS 21 (2009)


"Hybrid computing for high-throughput bioinformatics"
 George Vacek, Convey Computer
 August 24, 2010, Colloquium series, The Delft Bioinformatics Lab


Resources, Convey Computer
HC-1 Architecture White Paper
HC Family Brochure
Financial Analytics Personality Datasheet
  "By implementing many commonly used financial analytics functions
   directly in hardware, analysts can get performance unattainable with
   commodity servers."

Convey GraphConstructor Datasheet
  "The Convey GraphConstructor is a hardware and software solution that
   accelerates next-generation discovery by speeding up the construction
   and manipulation of de Bruijn graphs commonly used in short-read
   genome assembly applications."

"New Convey GraphConstructor Leverages Hybrid-Core Architecture to
 Speed De Novo Genome Assembly"
 May 17, 2011
"Convey Introduces GraphConstructor for Bioinformatics Apps"
 May 17, 2011


Convexの次なので Conveyという社名です(実際には時間的にも開いてます)。
Steve Wallach, Chief Scientist, Co-Founder, and Directorは、Convex社の
[san-tech][02814] PAS12 HPCwireの解説記事+Convey Computerとのパートナー (Re: Panasas最上位機種 (PAS 12) 発表 
[san-tech][03087] "Government Developing Data Mining Tools To Fight Terrorism", 2011/05/12
[san-tech][03111] Re:"Government Developing Data Mining Tools To Fight Terrorism", 2011/05/12
[san-tech][03129] Re:"Government Developing Data Mining Tools To Fight Terrorism", 2011/05/12

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