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[san-tech][03200] SolidFire 1U SSD: Real time compression/deduplication, Scalability to 100 node

Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2011 12:49:33 +0900
SolidFire社が SolidFire SF3010 Storage Nodeの Early Access Programを

"SolidFire Announces Early Access Program for Cloud Service Providers"
 June 21, 2011

  "SolidFire, a provider of all-solid-state (SSD) primary storage
   systems for cloud service providers, today announced the launch
   of its worldwide Early Access Program. The company is also
   revealing details about its all-SSD storage technology that
   addresses the unique technical and economic requirements of
   primary block storage in the cloud."

Get Early Access to SolidFire

SolidFire SF3010 Storage Node

*)Drives: (10) 300GB 2.5" SSD
*)Write Cache: 8GB non-volatile DRAM
*)Memory / Read Cache: 72GB
*)Networking:(2) 10GbE SFP+ iSCSI, (2) 1GbE RJ45 Management
*)Raw Capacity: 3TB
*)Effective Capacity: 12TB
  "Effective capacity calculation incorporates data high availability
   and use of SolidFire's high-efficiency algorithms."
*)Scalability: 3 to 100 nodes in a single cluster

SolidFire Element Operating System

*)SolidFire Helix self healing data protection
*)Always on, inline, reservation-less thin provisioning
*)Always on, inline, real time compression
*)Always on, inline, real time deduplication
*)Complete REST based API management
*)Volume and system level performance and data usage reporting

SolidFire Helix

  "... All data within the system is replicated with SolidFire Helix
   technology.  If a failure occurs at the drive or node level,
   the subset of data is instantly re-replicated across the cluster
   to maintain data redundancy. ..."

  "... SolidFire Helix data protection prevents the performance impact
   of traditional RAID by isolating individual device failures. In a
   SolidFire storage system any device failure only affects performance
   relative to that devices size within the system. If a single drive
   fails out of a 1000 drive system performance will only degrade by .1%."

"Challenges of Block Storage as a Service at Cloud Scale"
 Part 1-3


"SolidFire Launches Speedy Cloud SSD Storage Solution"
 June 22nd 2011, SiliconANGLE
Dave Wright at EMC World 2011 (11:15)
  "Dave Wright (SolidFire CEO), Dave Vellante and David at EMC World 2011
   discuss cloud, flash and startups."

Pure Storage

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[san-tech][03146] Texas Memory: 1U, 5TB, 5 GB/s, SLC(東芝製), 8GbFC, QDR IB 発表

"Clustering SSD arrays for the Cloud"
 24th June 2011, The Register
※↑これだけ並ぶとすごい。24U: (2) x 24 = 48 10GbE iSCSI

SolidFire: Cloud Operators Becomes a Market
 2011/08/01, Perspective, James Hamilton's Blog

"SolidFire Solid-state Storage for the Cloud"
 2011/08/05, RichReport, 11:40, 480p

  "In this video, SolidFire's Founder & CEO Dave Wright provides
   and overview of the company's solid-state storage offerings
   for the Cloud."

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