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[san-tech][02814] PAS12 HPCwireの解説記事+Convey Computerとのパートナー (Re: Panasas最上位機種 (PAS 12) 発表 (2010/11/10))

Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2010 12:51:58 +0900
[san-tech][03190] Slidecast: "Convey Hybrid Core Computing Rocks the Graph 500", 06.18.2011, insideHPC

"Panasas Takes Parallel Storage to the Next Level", November 10, 2010

ともう一つ、こちらの発表は Convey Computerですが
"Convey Computer Adds Five New Partners to Provide Customers with More
 Performance, Functionality, and Choice for Hybrid-core Systems"
 November 9, 2010

  "announced today five new technology and business partnerships that
   extend application availability for its hybrid-core computing
   platforms. The solutions provided by these partners help Convey
   deliver even greater performance, functionality, and choice to their
  "The new Convey partners and their areas of specialization include
   the following:
   Network-Attached Storage: Panasas, Inc."
  "The company's high performance parallel storage solutions complement
   Convey hybrid-core systems by eliminating bottlenecks and exploiting
   parallel I/O and the compute speed of the Convey hybrid-core

Convey Products
Convey HC-1: the world's first hybrid-core computer
Convey HC-1ex: extending the reach of hybrid-core computing

Convey HC-1exについてのプレスリリース:
"Convey Computer's New Hybrid-core Computer Delivers Increased
 Performance, Functionality, and Energy Efficiency"
 November 9, 2010

"Convey Debuts Second-Generation Hybrid-Core Platform", November 09, 2010
"Convey upgrades hybrid core supercomputer", 17th November 2010
Convey HC-1について
"Supercomputing past masters resurface with coder-friendly cluster"
 17th November 2008

Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2010 07:13:27 +0900

> Panasasから最上位機種: Panasas ActiveStor 12 (PAS 12) が発表され
> ました:
> "Panasas Introduces World's Fastest HPC Storage System"
>  Nov. 10, 2010
>   "today announced immediate availability of Panasas ActiveStor 12
>    (PAS 12), the world's fastest parallel storage system. This
>    fourth-generation storage-blade architecture, featuring the
>    Panasas PanFS parallel file system, 64-bit multi-core processing
>    and integrated 10GbE technology, more than doubles performance,
>    moving from 600MB/s to an unmatched 1.5GB/s per chassis. Aggregate
>    system performance scales to 150GB/s - the industry's ultimate
>    system throughput per gigabyte of storage. This leading parallel
>    performance, combined with a seven-times performance increase in
>    NFS access, makes PAS 12 ideal for highly demanding applications
>    in the energy, government, finance, manufacturing, bioscience, and
>    other core research and development sectors."
> Panasas ActiveStor 12 (PAS 12)
> ※Data Sheetには
> Optional Network Connectivity: InfIniBand DDR & QDR

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