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[san-tech][03191] Panasas新製品:ActiveStor 11, Scalable performance and capacity for cost-conscious HPC deployments

Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2011 00:27:40 +0900

"Panasas Introduces ActiveStor 11, Delivering Cost-Effective Parallel
 Storage for High Performance Computing and Big Data Workloads"
 June 20, 2011

  "... today announced the Panasas ActiveStor 11 parallel storage
   system appliance. Powered by the PanFS operating system,
   ActiveStor 11 seamlessly scales to 6PB of capacity and 115GB/s
   of throughput from a single global namespace. Its advanced blade
   architecture blends performance, capacity, and cost-efficiency
   in a system optimized for data-intensive applications where
   time-to-results is a critical concern."
  ".... "ActiveStor 11 is an attractive solution to deliver a new
   level of cost effectiveness for a variety of markets, whether
   deployed as part of a dedicated research cluster or a
   multi-tenant private cloud platform.""
  Faye Pairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Panasas

Panasas ActiveStor 11
Scalable performance and capacity for cost-conscious HPC deployments
※下記 ActiveStor 12との比較を含む新しい資料

Panasas Product Overview

Panasas ActiveStor 12
The fastest HPC storage system in the world
White Paper:
"Panasas PAS 12 - Delivering Over 150GB/s in Streaming Performance"

ActiveStor 8 and 9

Resource Library

"Storage at Exascale: Some Thoughts from Panasas CTO Garth Gibson"
 May 25, 2011
  "Exascale computing is not just about FLOPS. It will also require
   a new breed of external storage capable of feeding these exaflop
   beasts. Panasas co-founder and chief technology officer
   Garth Gibson has some ideas on how this can be accomplished and
   we asked him to expound on the topic in some detail."

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