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[san-tech][03189] 講演資料・ビデオ:HPC Advisory Council European Workshop 2011, (2011/06/19)

Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2011 05:49:15 +0900
2011年 6月 19日に開催された

HPC Advisory Council European Workshop 2011

の講演資料とビデオ (一部、多分今後増えるでしょう) が公開されてます。

The agenda for the workshop

Keynote session:
"Congestion Management in HPC Interconnection Networks"
 Pedro Garcia, University of Castilla-La Mancha
Fausto's Personal Homepage (Fausto Pedro Garcia Marquez)
"Video: Congestion Management in HPC Interconnection Networks"
"Congestion Management in HPC Interconnection Networks"
 2011/06/19, RichReport,  30:25, 360p
"rCUDA, an approach to provide remote access to GPU computational power"
 Rafael Mayo-Gual, University Jaume I
※InfiniBandでは GPUDirectを活用

"Next Generation HPC Storage Initiative"
 Torben Kling Petersen, PhD, Xyratex
※残念ながら ClusterStor 3000の詳細はありませんが
[san-tech][03173] Xyratex Announces ClusterStor 3000: Lustre Storage Appliance, June 14, 2011

"Lustre status and roadmap"
 Eric Barton, Whamcloud
[san-tech][03172] "Whamcloud to Support Cutting Edge Research at CEA", June 13, 2011

"GPU acceleration on IB clusters"
 Sadaf Alam, CSCS - Swiss Supercomputer Center

"Building Petascale storage"
 Hussein Harake, CSCS - Swiss Supercomputer Center
※PCI-SSD (VIRIDENT, Fusion-io)、RamSan-620 on GPFSベンチマークとか

"MVAPICH and Futures of MPI"
 Dhabaleswar K. Panda - Ohio State University,
 Sayantan Sur - Ohio State University
※"Overview of upcoming MVAPICH2" とか
MVAPICH: MPI over InfiniBand, 10GigE/iWARP and RoCE
MVAPICH2 (MPI-2 over OpenFabrics-IB, OpenFabrics-iWARP, PSM, uDAPL and TCP/IP)

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"Video: AMD Technologies for HPC Workloads", June 19, 2011
"Video: Dell HPC Solutions", June 19, 2011
"Video: Congestion Management in HPC Interconnection Networks", 上述

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