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[san-tech][03209] Lustreを使いやすく、whamcloud

Date: Sat, 25 Jun 2011 05:50:47 +0900

"Whamcloud Wants to Make Lustre Easier to Use"
 IDG News (PC World, NetworkWorld, ITWorld, CIO, more)
 June 23rd 2011

  "Whamcloud has started developing a new GUI (graphical user interface)
   that will make it easier to manage the open source file system Lustre,
   the company said this week at the International Supercomputing
   Conference (ISC) in Hamburg."

  "It is still very early in the development process of the new GUI,
   according to John Spray, senior software engineer at Whamcloud."...

  "The goal is to have a beta ready for SC11, which is the U.S.
   counterpart of ISC and takes place in November in Seattle,
   according to CEO Brent Gorda."

"Why Lustre Is Set to Excel in Exascale"
 June 27, 2011, Brent Gorda, CEO and President, Whamcloud

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