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[san-tech][03207] "Digital light field photography:" Lytro, Ren Ng CEO博士論文

Date: Sat, 25 Jun 2011 03:34:43 +0900
"A different perspective on the Lytro light field camera ",
 Kurt Akeley, CTO, Lytro,
 May 9, 2012
 Stanford University Computer Systems Laboratory EE380 Colloquium

Stanford University Computer Systems Laboratory EE380 Colloquium

"Reverse Engineering the Lytro .LFP File Format"
 March 4, 2012, eclecticc

ifptools, Tools for working with Lytro files
lfptools / README


"Inside the Lytro"
 Feb. 29, 2012,
"A Review of the Lytro Camera"
 Feb. 29, 2012,

ストレージとは全く離れますが、話題の "ピント合わせ不要のカメラ" の
理論的背景となる、Ren Ng, Ph.D., Founder and CEOの博士論文が公開されて

"Lytro Redefines Photography with Light Field Cameras"
 June 22, 2011
Introducing Camera 3.0
  ""This is the next big evolution of the camera," said CEO and Founder
   Dr. Ren Ng. "The move from film to digital was extraordinary and
   opened up picture taking to a much larger audience. Lytro is
   introducing Camera 3.0, a breakthrough that lets you nail your shot
   every time and never miss a moment. Now you can snap once and focus
   later to get the perfect picture.""

 2011/06/23, ITpro

英語紹介記事 (確か、NYTimesの多くの記事は一週間程で有料アーカイブ化):
"A Start-Up’s Camera Lets You Take Shots First and Focus Later"
 June 21, 2011, NYTimes
  "Mr. Ng explained the concept in 2006 in his Ph.D. thesis at
   Stanford University, which won the worldwide competition for the
   best doctoral dissertation in computer science that year from
   the Association for Computing Machinery. Since then Mr. Ng has
   been trying to translate the idea into a product that can be
   brought to market - and building a team of people to do it."

"Why You Want a Light Field Camera"
 06/22/2011, Technology Review, MIT


"Digital light field photography"
 Authors: Ren Ng, Stanford University
 Principal Advisers: Patrick Hanrahan, Stanford University
 July 2006, Doctoral Dissertation
  Stanford University Libraries & Academic Information Resources


The Science Inside, Lytro

Take a Deeper Dive
"Want to learn more? Check out the Lytro Blog. Want to learn a lot more?
 Read our CEO's dissertation."

Lytro Blog

Ren Ng, Ph.D., Founder and CEO
Kurt Akeley, Chief Technology Officer
Adam Fineberg, Vice President of Engineering

関連 Technical Reportとか
"Light Field Photography with a Hand-Held Plenoptic Camera"
 Ren Ng, Marc Levoy, .... , Mark Horowitz, and Pat Hanrahan
 April, 2005
 Stanford University Computer Science Tech Report CSTR 2005-02
※Report: PDFと Video: AVI

Ren Ng, Publication (博士論文は載っていません)

Pat Hanrahan, CANON USA Professor, Stanford University
Stanford Computer Graphics Laboratory

NYTimesの Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) の表彰

 March 29, 2007

  "The Doctoral Dissertation Award to Ren Ng of Stanford University.
   He was named for his study of Digital Light Field Photography,
   an image-based technique applied to a scientific imaging
   instrument for recording scene appearance. Unlike conventional
   photography, light fields of radiance permit manipulation of
   viewpoint and focus after the image is captured, and offer
   improvements to current scientific microscopy, security surveillance
   and sports and commercial photography." ... "Financial support and
   the publication of the winning dissertation are provided by

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