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[san-tech][02468] Nimble Storage: 新興 Converged Storage and Backup Solution

Date: Fri, 16 Jul 2010 22:01:57 +0900
Data Domain、NetApp、EqualLogic出身者 (ボードメンバーメインは DD) に

"Nimble Storage Announces Industry's First Converged Storage and
 Backup Solution", July 15, 2010

"Data Domain and NetApp Veterans Introduce Breakthrough Architecture
 That Addresses the Cost and Complexity of Storage, Backup, and
 Disaster Recover"

Revolutionary Flash-Based Architecture
  "The CS-Series is based on the company's patent-pending architecture,
   Cache Accelerated Sequential Layout (CASL), which enables fast
   inline data compression, intelligent data optimization leveraging
   flash memory and high-capacity disk, instant deduped backups, and
   WAN efficient replication - all in a single device.  CASL allows
   organizations to reduce their capital expenditures for storage and
   backup by at least 60 percent, while eliminating the need for
   separate, disk-based backup."

Nimble CS-Series Features and Benefits

A Fresh Approach to Storage
  "Nimble Storage CS-Series iSCSI arrays combine flash memory with
   low-cost, high-capacity drives, eliminating the need for expensive,
   high-RPM drives for primary storage and separate disk-based backup

   By converging storage, backup, and disaster recovery into a single
   solution, enterprises can significantly cut costs, reduce complexity,
   and implement a complete and cost-effective disaster recovery

Nimble Storage CS-Series Data Sheet
"A New Approach to Storage and Backup", Whitepaper, 7/15/10

Introducing CASL Architecture

  "CS-Series iSCSI arrays are built on Nimble's breakthrough Cache
   Accelerated Sequential Layout (CASL) architecture. Here's how
   CASL works:
    Inline Compression ...
    Optimized Data Layout ...
    Instant, Integrated Backups ...
    Intelligent Index ...
    Efficient Offsite Replication ...

Executive Team
Varun Mehta, CEO and Co-Founder
  "Varun was vice president of engineering at Data Domain, where he
   built the team that delivered the company's first products to market"
※Board of Directorsに
Suresh Vasudevan, CEO
"Nimble Storage Names Suresh Vasudevan as New CEO"
 March 29, 2011
Umesh Maheshwari, CTO and Co-Founder
  "Before founding Nimble Storage, he was a technical director at
   Data Domain, responsible for the core areas of deduplication and
Dan Leary, Vice President, Marketing
  "Most recently, Dan served as vice president of marketing at ConSentry
   Networks. "
Mike Munoz, Vice President, Sales
  "Prior to Nimble Storage, Mike served as regional VP of sales for
   Data Domain"

Board of Directors
Varun Mehta
  Founder and VP of Engineering, Nimble Storage
Suresh Vasudevan
  "CEO of Omneon, Inc. Suresh joined Omneon in January 2009 from NetApp"
※Nimble CEOに (↑を参照)
 Kirk Bowman
  "He most recently served as Executive Vice President of Worldwide
   Field Operations at Dell EqualLogic"

Nibme Blog
Nimble Storage

The Registerの記事だと
"Nimble does nifty combined storage backup box", 16th July 2010

  "NetApp says there will be a 2-tier storage array in future, with hot
   data in flash and bulk data held on SATA Drives. Startup Nimble
   Storage says it's here now with its CS-Series, which combines the
   attributes of separate EqualLogic and Data Domain arrays in one box.

   The company has been started up by people who used to work at
   Data Domain and EqualLogic. They say the hottest storage products
   now are iSCSI arrays like those from Dell EqualLogic and HP Left Hand,
   the P4000 range, on the one hand, and deduplicating disk backup
   products from EMC Data Domain. Their concept is to combine the two,
   do away with separate iSCSI SAN storage and disk backup arrays, by
   having deduplicated snapshot data held on SATA drives in the iSCSI
  "The CS220 has 9TB of primary SATA storage and 108TB of secondary SATA
   storage and costs around $50,000. The CS240 has 18TB of primary SATA
   disk, 216TB of secondary SATA capacity, and costs around $100,000.
   They will be generally available in August and Nimble Storage is
   setting up a reseller channel. A peer-to-peer clustering capability
   will come out in a v1.1 software release."

"Dell EquaLogic launches automated tiering", 9th June 2010

  "Dell has announced XVS versions of its P6000 arrays that provide faster
   and more efficient VMware storage, plus new firmware that automatically
   moves hot data into a solid state drive (SSD) tier from SAS disks in
   the same enclosure."

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