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[san-tech][02470] Google Datacenter向け Fiber Optical/100GbEネットワークとか

Date: Sat, 17 Jul 2010 12:42:34 +0900
IEEE Communications Magazine最新号 (Vol.48No.7. July 2010) の

"Fiber Optic Communication Technologies: What's Needed for Datacenter
 Network Operations",
 Cedric F. Lam, Hong Liu, Bikash Koley, Xiaoxue Zhao, Valey Kamalov,
 and Vijay Gill, Google Inc.
※こちらは有償です (多分一編単位の販売もあるはずです)
2011/06/23: 後述するように Googleサイトで公開されています

  "In this article we review the growing trend of warehouse-scale
   mega-datacenter computing, the Internet transformation driven by
   mega-datacenter applications, and the opportunities and challenges
   for fiber optic communication technologies to support the growth
   of mega-datacenter computing in the next three to four years."

ATLAS top 10 public Internet bandwidth generating domains
"2009 Internet Observatory Report"
 Craig Labovitz, Danny McPherson, and Scott Iekel-Johnson, Arbor Networks
 NANOG47, October 19, 2009
↑ WMVは 90MBあまり

IEEE Communications Magazine
Vol.48No.7. July 2010

Last Authorの VIJAY GILL氏 (Senior manager, Engineering and Architecture
at Google) は、"He is responsible for all network design, expansion
and datacenter infrastructure for Google's production network," です。

Vijay Gill's Blog

North American Network Operators' Group 49, June 13 - 16, 2009

での Keynoteビデオファイル (WMV) が公開されていますが、90MBを超えて
いるので、ダウンロードしてからのが良いです (30分程)

Keynote: Worse Is Better
 Vijay Gill, Google, June 14, 2010

  "We discuss the data driven architecture for constructing very large
   warehouse scale computers and the network and software requirements
   for making very large scale systems work. Contrary to the converged
   next-generation network ideas that are currently in vogue we present
   a cost-based model that leads to a simpler, cheaper architecture."

簡単な解説 Blogエントリー
"Worse is Better", JUNE 20, 2010

NANOG49 Abstracts
NANOG49 Agenda
※ダウンロード可能な資料、ビデオ (WMV)、PDFにリンクされています。
Googleからは他にも 2件 (IPv6, Enterprise QoS) の発表があります。

冒頭に紹介した論文の Middle Auctorの Bikash Koley氏 (Network Architecture,
Google) の、Datacenter での100GbEの講演資料が Ethernet Alliancesで公開
されています (何故か、紹介ページが見つかりませんが)

"100GbE and Beyond for Datacenter Connectivity"
 Bikash Koley, Network Architecture, Google
 Sep 2009

Ethernet Alliance
Date: Sun, 10 Oct 2010 17:52:43 +0900


> "Fiber Optic Communication Technologies: What's Needed for Datacenter
>  Network Operations",
>  Cedric F. Lam, Hong Liu, Bikash Koley, Xiaoxue Zhao, Valey Kamalov,
>  and Vijay Gill, Google Inc.

が著者の Googleサイトで公開されています:

Cedric F. Lam

"Scaling Optical Interconnects in Datacenter Networks Opportunities and
 Challenges for WDM",
 Hong Liu, Cedric F. Lam, Chris Johnson
 2010 18th IEEE Symposium on High Performance Interconnects, pp. 113-116.


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