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[san-tech][03201] ITILの Cloud Computingの関係へのコラム (The Register)

Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2011 14:50:38 +0900
The Registerによる ITILと Cloud Computingに関してのコラムです

"ITIL struggles to catch up with private cloud"
 22nd June 2011

  "Data centres run on the back of good operational processes that
   are repeatable and trusted. IT management best practices have
   sometimes been criticised as being monolithic and failing to
   keep up with change."

  "Is ITIL still appropriate framework for the private cloud?

   The long-standing goal of data centre management the private
   cloud has been dynamic IT, or the allocation of IT resources on
   demand according to the needs of the business."


  "Some pundits see private cloud and ITIL as chalk and cheese"

What the experts say
  "The point about ITIL is that it is an encapsulation of best
   practice as learned by experts in the field. Some elements may
   need to be tweaked to take into account changes in IT but the
   core principles are unlikely to become any less valid for the
   private cloud."
  "Poorly implemented management best practice may have worked,
   however clumsily, for older IT environments. But it could well
   undermine the essence of dynamic IT and should therefore be
   avoided if all the benefits of private cloud are to be achieved."

Cloud対応のために Version 4改訂を開始しても追いつかないでしょうね。
そもそも ITILは厳密な規定ではないので、自分達の業務に合わせて採用
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[san-tech][02762] "Implementing ITIL: Getting started with ITIL v3 service management", 2010/10/19,

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