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[san-tech][03211] Video: Structure 2011 (2011/06/22, 23)

Date: Sat, 25 Jun 2011 19:12:07 +0900
2011年 6月 22日、23日に開催された

Structure 2011



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"Structure 2011 live coverage"
 Jun. 22, 2011,
June 22, 2011

New Directions for the Cloud
 Lew Tucker - VP and CTO, Cloud Computing, Cisco
"The future of the cloud, as seen by Cisco"
 Jun. 22, 2011
[san-tech][03057] Ciscoの OpenStack加入について The Registerインタビュー

The State of the Cloud Address
 Werner Vogels - CTO,
"Amazon's "state of the cloud" - it isn't stacking up"
 Jun. 22, 2011

The Future of The Cloud Panel
Speakers: Acquia, Engine Yard, Eucalyptus, Rackspace
"Forget public; private clouds: The future is hybrids!"
 Jun. 22, 2011

Microsoft and the Cloud: What's Next?
 Satya Nadella - President, Server and Tools Business, Microsoft
"For Windows Azure, AWS is a friend, not a foe"
 Jun. 22, 2011

Guru Panel - What Can the Enterprise Learn from Webscale?
Speakeers: Netflix,, Comcast, LinkedIn
"Today, security must be built from the inside out"
 Jun. 22, 2011

Networks for Clouds, App Stores and Operating Systems
 Jayshree Ullal - President and CEO, Arista Networks
"Arista CEO: Cloud networking has to be fast and predictable"
 Jun. 22, 2011,

The VC Panel: Cloudy Bubble?
"The cloud and the "sneak attack" for enterprise sales"
 Jun. 22, 2011

The CIO's Finest Hour
 Dave Hitz - Founder and EVP, NetApp
"NetApp founder: Confusion about the cloud is 'bogus'"

June 23, 2011

Cloud Storage: Moving Beyond Backup?
Speakers: NetApp, Nutanix, Nasuni, SolidFire
"Moving cloud storage to primetime requires new tech"
 Jun. 23, 2011
※残念、ビデオ無し、解説 Blog
"Cloud Storage: Ready for Primetime?"
 June 24, 2011, Wikibon Blog
[san-tech][03200] SolidFire 1U SSD: Real time compression/deduplication, Scalability to 100 node

The Next Frontier: Cloud Databases
"Cloud databases face challenges but opportunities beckon"
 Jun. 23, 2011

The Promise of PaaS
Speakers: VMware, RightScale, RightScale, SCALR
"When it comes to PaaS, the developer is king"
 Jun. 23, 2011

Piecing Together the Next-Generation of the Cloud
 Anant Agarwal - Co-Founder and CTO, Tilera Corporation
 Partha Ranganathan - Distinguished Technologist, HP
"Future clouds: low-energy boxes, immersive services"
 Jun. 23, 2011

Open Clouds: Can Anyone Agree?
 Jason Waxman - GM, High Density Computing, Data Center Group, Intel
"How to keep the cloud from killing the planet"
 Jun. 23, 2011

From OpenFlow to Virtualized Networks
Speakers: Big Switch Networks, Nicira Networks, Embrane
"Why the cloud needs new forms of networking"
 Jun. 23, 2011
[san-tech][03212] "OpenFlow And Network Value", June 13, 2011, Network Computing Report

Computers At the Crossroads: What Hardware Will Reign in the Clouds?
"Efficiency vs. performance: What’ll win for the hardware of the future?"
 Jun. 23, 2011

> From OpenFlow to Virtualized Networks
> Speakers: Big Switch Networks, Nicira Networks, Embrane
> "Why the cloud needs new forms of networking"
>  Jun. 23, 2011
> ※残念ながら、ビデオ無し


"Big Switch and the coming networking bonanza"
 Jun. 28, 2011, GigaOM

Big Switch Networks

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