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[san-tech][03147] Micronから PCIe SSDボード (SLC NAND)

Date: Fri, 03 Jun 2011 16:34:20 +0900
Micronのプレスリリースです (こちらも SLC):

"Micron Announces World's Fastest Enterprise Solid-State Storage System
 Featuring PCI Express"
 June 2, 2011
  "The P320h system uses Micron's proven 34-nanometer (nm) single-level
   cell (SLC) NAND flash memory technology, which provides two different
   user capacities: 350 gigabyte (GB) and 700GB. From the NAND silicon
   to the controller to the complete system solution, the P320h SSD is
   designed and developed by Micron.

   For performance, the P320h series reaches a new standard among
   current PCIe systems, more than doubling the sequential read and
   write speeds compared to the nearest competitor-achieving up to 3GBs
   of sustained data throughput per second. In terms of input/output
   operations per second (IOPS), a common method used in the enterprise
   market for benchmarking relative performance, the P320h series
   reaches a maximum of 750,000 IOPS read and 341,000 IOPS write speeds."
  "The P320h features Micron's proprietary redundant array of independent
   NAND (RAIN) management technology that is designed to ensure
   enterprise-class data protection by replicating data across the NAND
   flash memory channels."

Enterprise PCIe SSD
P320h SSD Product Brief

"Micron RealSSD? P320h Walkthrough"
 2011/05/31, MicronTechnology, 3:00, 720p

"Micron streaks away with PCIe flash"
 2nd June 2011

The Registerによる比較グラフ:
"PCIe SSD Random Read Performance (SLC NAND)"

  "The P320h does 750,000 random read IOPS compared to the RamSan-70's
   330,00, more than double the TMS product's rated speed."
※Fusion-io等他社も RamSan-70と同レベル。
  "The 700GB version does 341,000 random write IOPS, less than the
   900GB RamSan-70's 400,000 write IOPS. The 350GB Micron card does
   298,000 random write IOPS.

   The TMS card has a 2GB/sec I/O bandwidth rating whereas Micron's
   card does 3GB/sec for sequential reads and 2GB/sec for sequential

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