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[san-tech][03138] 講演資料:EuroSys 2011 (2011/04/10 -13)

Date: Tue, 31 May 2011 22:16:40 +0900
少し前ですが、2011年 4月 10~13日に開催された

EuroSys 2011


"The EuroSys conference series brings together professionals from
 academia and industry. It has a strong focus on systems research
 and development: operating systems, data base systems, real-time
 systems and middleware for networked, distributed, parallel,
 or embedded computing systems."

Conference program

例えば (演題だけ):
Session 1: Data, Data, Data
"Keypad: An Auditing File System for Theft-Prone Devices"
 (Best student paper award)
"Database engines on multicores, Why parallelize when you can distribute?"
"DepSky: Dependable and Secure Storage in a Cloud-of-Clouds"

Session 4: Joules and Watts
"Energy Management in Mobile Devices with the Cinder Operating System"
"Fine-Grained Power Modeling for Smartphones Using System Call Tracing"
"Sierra: practical power-proportionality for data center storage"

最後の  Sierraですが
Sierra: a power-proportional, distributed storage system
Microsoft Research Cambridge
"Sierra: Practical Power-proportionality for Data Center Storage"
※EuroSys 2011での発表

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