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[san-tech][02454] Re: Schoonerの記事, The Register (10/01/15)

Date: Sun, 11 Jul 2010 12:58:22 +0900
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[san-tech][02002] Schoonerの記事, The Register (10/01/15)

Schooner社 CTO John Busch博士の、O'Reilly Velocity 2010でのインタビュー

"Schooner: Flash-Driven Performance Gains", July 7th, 2010

  "At the recent O'Reilly Velocity 2010 conference, we spoke with
   Schooner founder and CTO Dr. John Busch, who discussed the
   company's history and the problems its technology seeks to
※"バランスが大切" と強調しているようです。

以下の Blogエントリーは参考になると思います:

"Schooner Labs Evaluation and Optimization of Database Technologies:
 Flash Memory + Multi-Core Processors + Software"
 June 28, 2010, Dr. John R Busch, CTO and Founder

  "In this blog entry we discuss optimization for MySQL to fully exploit
   the power of flash memory and multi-core processors.   In upcoming
   blogs we will report on our research in emerging technologies and other
   application segments, including processors with more cores, distributed
   caching, NoSQL, and high-performance synchronous replication"

  I. Balanced Database Systems Exploiting Flash Memory, Multi-core Processors
     and Optimized Software
  II. Schooner Analysis and Optimization Methodology of Balanced Database Systems 

  1. Configuration Description
  2. Micro-benchmark Level Analysis
  2. a. Benchmark Description iozone
  2. b. Technology Evaluation: First-Generation SSD  Flash : Fusion-io ioDrive Duo SLC
  2. c. Technology Evaluation: First-Generation SSD  Flash : Intel X25e
  2. d. Technology Evaluation: Next-Generation SSD Flash :  Sand Force SF-1500 and  OCZ Deneva SSD
  2. e. Summary of Normalized 2U Micro-benchmark Results across Flash Component Technologies
  3. Application Level System Database Benchmarks: DBT2 (TPC-C equivalent)
  3. a. System-Level Database Performance Benchmark Results
  4. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

  III.  Effectively Exploiting Multi-Core and Flash with Databases:
        System Architecture, Tight Coupling and Software Optimization Required

The Schooner Perspective

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