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[san-tech][02070] US HEC系ファイルシステム予算獲得軌跡の報告

Date: Wed, 10 Feb 2010 00:11:10 +0900
件名はさておいて、US HEC File Systems and I/O (HEC FSIO) 研究予算獲得の
軌跡とも言うべき報告です (プロジェクトでは HPCとは呼んでいません):

"Coordinating government funding of file system and I/O research
 through the high end computing university research activity"
 ACM SIGOPS Operating Systems Review, Volume 43, Issue 1 (January 2009)
  Gary Grider    Los Alamos National Lab
  James Nunez     Los Alamos National Lab
  John Bent     Los Alamos National Lab
  Steve Poole     Oak Ridge National Lab
  Rob Ross     Argonne National Lab
  Evan Felix     Pacific Northwest National Lab

 "In 2003, the High End Computing Revitalization Task Force designated
  file systems and I/O as an area in need of national focus. The purpose
  of the High End Computing Interagency Working Group (HECIWG) is to
  coordinate government spending on File Systems and I/O (FSIO) R&D by
  all the government agencies that are involved in High End Computing.
  The HECIWG tasked a smaller advisory group to list, categorize, and
  prioritize HEC I/O and File Systems R&D needs. In 2005, leaders in
  FSIO from academia, industry and government agencies collaborated to
  list and prioritize areas of research in HEC FSIO. This led to a very
  successful High End Computing University Research Activity (HECURA)
  call from NSF in 2006 and has prompted a new HECURA call from NSF in
  2009. This paper serves as both a review of the 2008 HEC FSIO identified
  research gaps as well as a preview of this forthcoming HECURA call."

John Bent, Currently at Los Alamos National Labs
"Coordinating government funding of file system and I/O research
 through the high end computing university research activity"

まぁ、以下の動き (今後の High End Computingには大規模ファイルシステムや
高速 I/Oの研究が必要だから、政府で投資して下さい)を、文章化したものだと
思います (Highe End Computingです。HPCに限定していません)。

HEC File Systems and I/O (HEC FSIO) Background
 "The need for immense and rapidly increasing scale in scientific
  computation drives the need for rapidly increasing scale in
  storage for scientific processing." .....
 "To help plan for the research needs in the area of File Systems and
  I/O, the inter-government-agency document titled  "HPC File Systems
  and Scalable I/O: Suggested Research and Development Topics for
  the Fiscal 2005-2009 Time Frame" was published which led the HECIWG
  to designate this area (FSIO) as a national focus area starting in
  始めに研究の必要性を自分達から (まとめは DOE研究所メンバー) 訴えて
  米国中の研究者の賛同を得て、お国を動かしていきました (当然、他にも

HEC FSIO Workshops and Conferences
  2005 - 2009が公開されています

"Infrastructure Plan for ASC Petascale Environments"
 Publication Date: 2008 Feb 29

Interagency Working Group on High End Computing (HEC IWG)

以下は NSFの予算 (2008, 2009)
High-End Computing University Research Activity  (HECURA)
High End Computing University Research Activity (HECURA), 2008
High-End Computing University Research Activity (HECURA), 2009

HECURAの予算がついたプロジェクト (現時点のもの)
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