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[san-tech][02158] アリス・イン・ワンダーランドは Avereで

Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2010 16:16:22 +0900
(Alice in Wonderland) の 3Dを担当した Sony Pictures Imageworks (SPI)は、
Avere Systemsを NASのフロントエンドに採用したそうです:

"Avere Systems Demand-Driven Storage Solutions Deployed By
 Sony Pictures Imageworks", March 2, 2010

"Sony Pictures virtualises filers", 2nd March 2010

  "SPI's Stephen Kowalski, its systems and storage operations director,
   said SPI chose Avere "to support our digital animation studio in
   Albuquerque because not only does its FXT Series deliver the IOPs
   the group needs without driving up operational costs, its two-stage
   NAS architecture allows us the flexibility to work with a multitude
   of mass storage systems. Now we can choose whichever solution best
   suits our changing needs without worrying about being limited by
   a single vendor's architecture.""

SPIは Isilonを採用していて、Isilonの Flashベースのシステムにアップ
グレードすれば、レイテンシは 1/8に、IOPSは 2倍になるそうですが・・・

Avere Tiered NAS Appliances
Management Team
6名中 4名が、Spinnaker Networks出身です。

Sony Pictures Imageworks (サウンド注意!)

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