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[san-tech][02183] 英国ブロードバンド政策発表 (2010/03/22)

Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2010 23:13:03 +0900
2010年 3月 22日、英国ブラウン首相が英国ブロードバンド政策について

"UK Government Promises Fast Broadband For All By 2020"
 March 22, 2010

  "Prime Minister Gordon Brown has announced that every home in
   the UK will have access to superfast broadband by 2020, dubbing
   it the "electricity of the digital age"."
  Broadband tax
  "The Prime Minister reistated the government's plans to
   introduce a 50p-per-month levy on all fixed phone lines to help
   fund a partnership with the private sector for a superfast
   broadband network across Britain."

首相の演説 (プレスリリース)
"Building Britain's digital future"
 Monday 22 March 2010
"Speech on Building Britain's Digital Future"
 Monday 22 March 2010

Department for Culture Media and Sport
による関連提言 (?)、ただし、去年 (2009) 6月
Digital Britain
digital britain

"Building Britain's Digital Future", 16 June 2009

  "The Digital Britain White Paper, published today, sets out the
   importance of the Digital Economy to the nation’s economic future,
   and how it will drive future industrial capability and competitiveness."

Digital Britain Report, June 2009

"Digital Britain Update: Actions and Implementation" 30 June 2009
Digital Britain Implementation Plan - August 2009
Digital Britain Implementation Update - December 2009

野党 (保守党) 案
"Tories Pledge Super-Fast Broadband By 2017", February 1, 2010

  "The Conservative Party has announced plans to improve the UK's
   Internet infrastructure if it wins the general election,
   promising speeds of 100 Mbps for the "majority" of homes by 2017."

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