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[san-tech][03048] MS Azure by US NSF:採択プロジェクト発表 (2011/04/20)

Date: Sat, 23 Apr 2011 14:30:31 +0900
今年 (2011年) 2月、以下でお知らせした:
[san-tech][02059] MS Azure by US NSF
[san-tech][02081] Re: MS Azure by US NSF

US National Science Foundation (NSF) 予算による Microsoft Windows Azure

"The Sky Is No Limit: 13 Research Teams Compute in the Clouds"
"NSF awards nearly $4.5 million to innovative projects to
 participate in NSF / Microsoft cloud computing collaboration"
 April 20, 2011

  "The National Science Foundation (NSF) today announced the awardees
   who will be funded through the collaborative cloud computing
   agreement that Microsoft Corp. and NSF announced in February 2010."

MS側担当者 Dan Reed, Corporate Vice Presidentの Blogエントリー:
"Microsoft/NSF Cloud Research Partnership"
 April 20, 2011, Reed's Ruminations: A Blog by Dan Reed

※NSFの Webには、各プロジェクトの概要があります。
※Reed博士の Webからは、各 Principal Investigator (PI) へのリンクあり

*)Cornell University (Kenneth Birman)
  - Building Scalable Trust in Cloud Computing
*)J. Craig Venter Institute, Inc. (Audrey Tovchigrechko)
  - Bettering Interactive Protein-Protein Docking
*)State University of New York (SUNY) at Buffalo (Tevfik Kosar)
  - Enhancing Stork Data Scheduler for Azure
*)University of California, San Diego (Kenneth Yocum)
  - Utilizing Continuous Bulk Processing
*)University of Colorado Boulder (Richard Han)
  - Enabling Mobile Cloud Computing
*)University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (Qiaozhu Mei)
  - Refining Language Models using Web-scale Language Networks
*)University of North Carolina at Charlotte (Zhengchang Su)
  - Predicting Transcription Factor Binding Sites for Genes
*)University of South Carolina Research Fund (Jonathan Goodall)
  and the University of Virginia (Marty A. Humphrey)
  - Managing Large Watershed Systems
*)University of Southern California (Viktor Prasanna)
  - Tackling Large Scale Graph Problems
*)University of Texas at Austin (Michael Walfish)
  - Storing Data with Minimal Trust
*)University of Washington (Magdalena Balazinska)
  - Understanding Relational Data Markets
*)Virginia Tech (Wuchun Feng)
  - Conducting Intensive Biocomputing
*)Virginia Tech (Kwa-Sur Tam)
  - Effectively and Widely Using Renewable Energy Sources

Azure Research Engagement
eXtreme Computing Group

Dan Reed, Corporate Vice President
 Technology Strategy and Policy (TS&P) and Extreme Computing Group (XCG)

US Microsoft社のプレスリリースはありませんが、4/20付けの興味深いもの
"Microsoft Works With Startup America Partnership to Support Entrepreneurs"
 April 20, 2011

  "today announced its support for the Startup America Partnership by
   making the benefits of the Microsoft BizSpark program easily
   accessible to Startup America Partnership’s qualified software
   startups. In the future, Microsoft will add new benefits targeted at
   the broader Startup America Partnership community."

Microsoft BizSpark

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