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[san-tech][03055] Force10 Open Cloud Networking (OCN) Framework発表

Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2011 12:05:26 +0900
Force10から Open Cloud Networking (OCN) framework ビジョンに基づく

"Force10 Unlocks the Full Potential of the Data Center with Open
 Cloud Networking Framework"
 April 26, 2011

Open Cloud Networking Framework

概要はこの 1ページ解説がお勧めです:
(スイッチについては、最後の The Resisterの記事がお勧め):
"Force10 Rolls Out Open Cloud Networking"
 04.26.2011, insideHPC

# Z9000,
  a 2U distributed core switch delivering 2.5 Tb of switching capacity
  "in 1/10 the space and with 1/20 the power consumption at 1/5 the
  price of competing products."
# Z9512,
  a centralized, chassis-based switch that delivers 9.6 Tb of switching
  capacity in half a rack.

"Force10 Networks Announces New Z-Series ZettaScale Core Switching
 Systems for Cloud and Conventional Data Centers"
 April 26, 2011
ZettaScale: The New Order in Datacenter Core Switching & Routing
Z9512 - Next Generation Datacenter & Cloud Core Platform
Z9000 - Plug-n-Play Core for Next Generation Data Center

# S7000,
  Open Cloud Switch, a next-generation top-of-rack device that converges
  switching, storage, and application processing capabilities.

"Force10 Networks Announces S7000 Next-Generation Top-of-Rack Open
 April 26, 2011
S7000 - Open Cloud Top of Rack (ToR) switch for Next Generation Data Center

# New FTOS advanced software features including
  TRILL (Transparent Interconnection of Lots of Links),
  DCB (Data Center Bridging),
  EVB (Ethernet Virtual Bridging)/VEPA (Virtual Ethernet Port Aggregation).

プレスリリースは冒頭の Open Cloud Networking Framework
"Force10 Networks Introduces Open Automation 2.0 as Part of Open Cloud
 Networking Initiative"
 April 26, 2011
FTOS - Force10 Operating System
Open Automation Framework 2.0

"Force10 cranks Ethernet switches to 40 Gigabits"
 26th April 2011

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