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[san-tech][02032] 英空軍 (RAF) 地下基地跡データセンター

Date: Wed, 27 Jan 2010 03:56:35 +0900
英空軍 (RAF) の大規模地下基地跡を活用した地下データセンター計画が

"Wiltshire Mines To Hold Record-Breaking Green Data Centre",
 September 16, 2009
 ""The next stage of development will prove  to be one of  the most
  energy-efficient data facilities in the world - achieving a PUE
  of under 1.2 without introducing fresh-air into the data rooms,""

Ark Continuity Limited

"Ark Continuity opens next phase at one of the most secure, available
 and sustainable data centre campus locations in Europe",
 14th December 2009

The Spring Park Masterplan
左端の SQ17が完成した地上版データセンター

The History Movie - The story of Spring park

"Brunel helped build the Ark?"
 Dr. Ian Bitterlin, CTO of Prism Power Limited, and
 Pip Squire, Engineering Director of Ark Continuity Limited
 Tuesday 15th September 2009

 "The first phase of the initial data centre building, known as SQ17
  (comprising 3,944m2 of raised-floor Tier III accommodation), will
  becompleted in November 2009. This facility, with high-efficiency
  power systems and freecooling chillers, will offer a design yearly
  average PUE1 of 1.45."

 "However, it is the next stage of development that will prove to be
  one of the most energyefficient data facilities in the world ?
  achieving a PUE of under 1.2 without introducing freshair into the
  data rooms. At the heart of the design is the use of a vast
  underground space at a stable temperature of 9oC (a highly secure,
  cool, subterranean complex) and an aquifer augmented by groundwater
  recharge from the surface facilities."

プレゼンテーション資料, GVA Grimley
"Spring Park: Data Centre Campus Overview", March 2009,%20Spring%20Park%20-%20May%202009.pdf
GVA Grimley物件紹介

上記資料:"Brunel helped build the Ark?" のための参考 URL:
Bath Stone
Brunel: Isambard Kingdom Brunel (技術者)
Box Tunnel

Hawthorn, Wiltshire (基地地区),_Wiltshire
RAF Rudloe Manor
Corsham Computer Centre
Corsham (近郊の街)

Wiltshire's Underground City

Corsham Computer Centre (CCC) ? the truth finally revealed!

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