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[san-tech][02460] 講演資料:Uptime Institute Symposium 2010, 2010/05/16-19

Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2010 08:46:28 +0900
を紹介しましたが、Uptime Institute Symposium 2010にも素晴らしい資料が公開
2010年 5月 16日~19日に、米 Uptime Instituteが主催した

Uptime Institute Symposium 2010, May 17-19, 2010


FREE Pre-Conference Tutorial
"Emerson Network Power's
 Optimizing Data Center Infrastructure to Reduce Cost, Maximize Performance and 
 Deliver High Availability"
 C. Mayo Tabb Jr.,  Senior Regional Manager-East, Emerson Network Power's
 Liebert AC Power business;
 Fred Stack, Vice President of Marketing, Emerson Network Power's Liebert
 Precisio Cooling business;
 Traci Yarbrough, Director Product Marketing, Data Center Software Solutions
  (PDF 176 Page 8MB)

で紹介した Tierクラスの図説もあります。
171~173 Pageはいろいろ面白いです

Green Enterprise IT Award Case Study Presentations

2010 Technology Innovation Presentations (TIPs)

"KyotoCooling: Out of the "Garage" and Into Your Data Center?"
 Mees Lodder, Chief Executive Officer, Kyoto Cooling
[san-tech][02682] "Montana Deploys 'Kyoto Cooling' Wheel", September 24th, 2010. Data Center knowledge

Modius (統合管理ソフトウェア)、Panduit等々があります。

Research Reports & Articles

  "The reports below, published within The 451 Group's Market Insight 
   Service, are part of a series of eco-efficient themed reports that
   will be republished for the lead-up to Symposium 2010"

  "Underwriter case study papers, pertinent to the themes and topics of
   the Uptime Institute Symposium, are an important aspect of the 
   Symposium's mission of knowledge-sharing and education."

Uptime Institute, Inc.

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