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Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2010 20:10:32 +0900
先週 (2010/06/08)、The Registerで取り上げられた ParaScaleの続報です


"Storage shop ParaScale shrinks itself"
 8th June 2010, The Register

  "Cloud file storage supplier ParaScale has failed to raise funds in 
   a B-round and is having to cut costs and conserve its dwindling cash."

  "The company has cancelled its external PR contract and an unspecified
   number of people are to leave the company. This includes Marketing
   and Business Development VP Jack Norris, who was just appointed in
   November of last year. It must have been a roller-coaster six months
   for Norris."

"ParaScale shrugs off funding fail and declares 'We're rockstars'"
 13th June 2010, The Register

  Comment "Cloud network-attached storage (NAS) startup ParaScale has 
   been forced into some emergency self-surgery after failing to seal 
   a funding round. What is happening and where is it going?"

  "Founder and chief technology officer Cameron Bahar said: "It is true 
   that we were not able to raise our series-B round of financing with
   Sajai Krishnan at the helm. We're still here and have down-sized 
   the team to reduce our burn rate while we evaluate our options 
   going forward.""


  ""We have a rock star team, and a tough situation to deal with. 
   Wish us luck."", Cameron Bahar, Founder and CTO
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  Date: Sat, 21 Aug 2010 12:33:25 +0900

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