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[san-tech][03239] PCI Express-Based SSDベンチマーク, July 1, 2011, Tom's Hardware

Date: Sun, 03 Jul 2011 19:32:10 +0900
Tom's Hardwareによる PCI Express-Based SSDベンチマーク報告です:

"Three PCI Express-Based SSDs: When SATA 6 Gb/s Is Too Slow"
 July 1, 2011, Tom's Hardware

  "When it comes time to hunt down the ultimate in storage performance,
   you simply cannot settle for standard SSDs. Instead, look to
   PCI Express-based drives that circumvent the limitations of
   SATA. We have products from Fusion-io, LSI, and OCZ on the bench."

対象となった PCI Express-Based SSD

"Fusion-io ioDrive (160/112 GB) And ioXtreme (80 GB)"
"LSI WarpDrive Acceleration Card SLP-300 (300 GB)"
"OCZ Ibis (240 GB)"
  [san-tech][02695] OCZ HSDL (High-Speed Data Link): New Interface between SSDs and PCIe, 2010-09-29

比較対象とした SATA SSD
OCZ Vertex 2 (120GB SATA/300)

"New AS SSD Benchmark"

  "AS SSD, by Alexej Schepeljanski, is a benchmarking tool for solid
   state drives. It includes four synthetic tests plus final scores
   for read/write and combined results, and three real world copy

"Test Procedure And Access Time Results"

Test Procedure
  1. AS SSD test run 1
  2. Pre conditioning: IOMeter random write run
     (128 KB block size, two hours)
  3. Run full IOMeter test suite
  4. Run PCMark Vantage
  5. AS SSD test run 2


  "The results give us a mixed impression of these amazing storage
   devices. Certainly, none of them can be considered perfect
   PCI Express-based SSDs for enthusiasts or professionals looking
   to arm a workstation with a fast storage subsystem, despite some
   bone-crushing results."


"OCZ、PCI Express x4接続のSSD「RevoDrive 3 X2」を披露"

  "OCZ Technologyが報道関係者向けの新製品発表会を都内で行なった。
   発表会では、“COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2011”で展示されたPCI Express x4接続の
   SSD「RevoDrive 3 X2」や、2.5インチHDDとSSDを組み合わせた「Revo Hybrid」

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