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[san-tech][03242] Advanced Format (AF) Technology, IDEMA (Re: Western Digital Advanced Format (4K Sector) 関連 URL)

Date: Sun, 03 Jul 2011 22:34:57 +0900
Advanced Formatについて調べたところ、IDEMA (The International Disk Drive
 Equipment and Materials Association) にまとまってるのが解りました:

Advanced Format (AF) Technology, IDEMA

スライド (PDF, 11 Page) は
"Advanced format for hard disk drives"
からダウンロード可能です (slideshare登録が必要ですが)
※表紙の HDDメーカーが・・・

About the Advanced Format Technology Committee (formerly LDS Committee)

  "Generation One AF technology specifies the sector length of 4,096 (4K)
   bytes.  Industry-wide transition to the 512  emulation (512e) and
   4K native (4Kn) implementations of Gen One AF technology officially
   began in 2011, heralding a new era in hard disk drives."
※512 emulation (512e)という規格が出来たのですね。

Advanced Format Definitions, Abbreviations, and Conventions
The Advent of Advanced Format
Advanced Format and PC Computing
Advanced Format Emulation and Partition Alignment Solutions
Advanced Format in the Enterprise

Advanced Format Downloads
※一括ダウンロード (19MB) 可能です (上記スライドが含まれています)。

Advanced Format Readiness Checklist
Advanced Format Developer Kit Registration Form

IDEMA JAPAN(日本HDD協会)の方では AFの資料は見あたりませんね。

On Tue, 29 Dec 2009 21:51:20 +0900
> Western Digital (WD) の Advanced Format (4K Sector) 関連 URLです:
> "Are you ready for 4k sector drives?", 
> December 20th, 2009, Storage Bits, Robin Harris
> "WD has started shipping drives that drop the ancient 512 byte disk 
>  sector for a 4096 byte - 4k - sector. What’s in it for you? 
>  And what will it do to you?"
> "Why we need 4k drives"
>  21 December, 2009, StorageMojo
> 対応ドライブのラベル:
> "Western Digital's Advanced Format: The 4K Sector Transition Begins"
>  December 18th, 2009, AnandTech
> "Drobo, XP Users: Beware of 4K "Advanced Format" Drives!",
>  Posted on 23. Dec, 2009, Stephen Foskett, Pack Rat
> "Western Digitalがユーザー使用可能領域を7-11%拡大させたHDD製品を発売"
>  2009年12月20日, スラッシュドット・ジャパン
> 以下の 2つは Western Digital
> "Advanced Format Technology", White Paper, Dec 2009
> Advanced Format Hard Drive Download Utility
> "WD Advanced Format drives are specifically optimized for Mac and 
>  the latest Windows operating systems such as Windows Vista and 
>  Windows 7 with a clean install. Advanced Format Technology is 
>  being adopted by WD and other drive manufacturers to increase media 
>  format efficiency, thus enabling larger drive capacities."
> 対応モデル例

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