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[san-tech][03245] PIANO+ (Photonic-based Internet Access Networks of the Future): EC Photonics Networking Project

Date: Mon, 04 Jul 2011 10:44:54 +0900

欧州 (参加国: Austria, Germany, Poland, the UK and Israel) の Photonics
プロジェクト:PIANO+: Photonic-based Internet Access Networks of the

"EC chips in a third for 22.3M EUR splurge on photonic networking"
 I see the light, and the light is fast
 29th June 2011, The Register

  "The European Commission is spending 7.43M EUR on developing
   technologies for better fibre networking, with five member countries
   stumping up twice that for local funding."

  "... The projects to be funded are all about enhancing the speed, and
   reducing the cost, of deploying fibre optic networks to handle the
   backhaul that Europe's Digital Agenda will need.

   That Agenda calls for everyone in Europe to have access to 30Mb/sec
   broadband by 2020, which is something we can all look forward to.
   Half of Europeans are, by that time, expected to have 100Mb/sec of
   connectivity available if they want it."

COMPETITION FOR FUNDING on photonics-based internet access networks of 
the future

2011年からプロジェクト開始で、以下の 13 Projectsが採択されました:

募集要項 (募集は既に終了しています):
 Photonic-based Internet Access Networks of the Future"
 MARCH 2010

General conditions (Page 2)

  "PIANO+ is a transnational call for collaborative research and
   development proposals under the European Commission's (EC's) ERA-NET
   Plus scheme. The aim is to seek proposals to develop photonic
   technology and systems to enable widespread broadband access of at
   least 1 Gbit/s by 2015-20."

*)The ERA-NET Scheme ('ERA-NET actions'/ 'ERA-NET Plus actions')

National and European indicative funding for PIANO+ projects (Page 2)

  Austria:  0.45M EUR (Country Total)
  Germany: 12.00M EUR (Country Total)
  Israel:   1.50M EUR (Country Total)
  Poland:   0.90M EUR (Country Total)
  UK:       7.50M EUR (Country Total)
  Total:   22.35M EUR (約 26.3億円):冒頭の The Registerの表題の金額

Scope for applications (Page 3)

  "All proposals must be based on photonics. The technology development
   should focus on components, modules, subsystems, systems and network
   architectures to enable the next generation of access networks of
   1 Gbit/s and beyond. This includes transceivers, amplifiers, switching
   and routing components, systems, passive and active components, and
   manufacturability to achieve the required performance and yield."

General rules of participation (Page 4)

  "Project duration shall be between 24 and 36 months."

Europe's Digital Agenda

"Digital Agenda: Commission outlines action plan to boost Europe's
 prosperity and well-being"

"Digital Agenda for Europe":
 Communication from the Commission (26/08/2010)

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