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[san-tech][02556] HDS、ParaScale資産購入

Date: Sat, 21 Aug 2010 12:33:25 +0900
で伝えた ParaScaleですが、知的財産やコア技術者は HDS (Hitachi Data Systems)
が購入していました (HDSから Press Releaseは出てないようです)。

HDS中の人の Blogに記載されてます。

"One Size Doesn't Fit All"
 By: Miki Sandorfi on August 19, 2010
  "I am excited to announce that we have recently acquired the IP and
   brought on board the core engineering team of a cloud storage 
   software start-up called ParaScale. "

Miki Sandorfi, Chief Strategist, File and Content Services

Miki Unstructured, HDS Blogs
HDS Blogs

Hitachi Cloud Services

"Hitachi Data Systems buys ParaScale"
 20th August 2010, The Register

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