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[san-tech][03254] Infortrendから Cluster File Systemアプライアンス

Date: Sat, 09 Jul 2011 07:46:44 +0900
Infortrendから Cluster File Systemアプライアンスが発表されました。

"Infortrend Addresses Media/Entertainment and HPC Applications with
 New ESVA Cluster File System"
 Delivers Excellent Performance and Supports Windows, Mac and Linux Clients
 July 6, 2011

  "... today announced the availability of its new ESVA Cluster File
   System solution. Built around Infortrend’s ESVA (Enterprise Scalable
   Virtualized Architecture), the solution delivers excellent performance
   and offers support for Windows, Mac and Linux clients." ...
  "The computing power offered by the new solution's clustered structure
   makes it ideal for HPC applications.  The solution can reach
   a Read performance of up to 24,000MB/s and a Write performance of up
   to 12,000MB/s, enabling it to meet the requirements of the most demanding
   application environments."

Enterprise Scalable Virtualized Architecture (ESVA) Family
ESVA Cluster File System datasheet (PDF)
※他にも各 Storage Systemごとに公開されています。

  Metadata Servers (2: Shipments include two systems)
    1U (CentOS)
    以下の Storage I/Fごとにモデル
    HA対応ですが、Active/Active, Active/Stand-byかは不明
  Storage System (SAS Expansion port: JBOD, for Scale-Up)
    ESVA F60-2830:  (8) 8Gb/s FC host ports
    ESVA E60-2130: (12) 1GbE iSCSI host ports
    ESVA E60-2230:  (4) 10GbE iSCSI host ports
    Exclusively 6Gb/s SAS (up to 16 drives per system). SSD対応
  Client Software (System Agent): Windows, Linux, Mac *1)
  LAN Gateway (Option): NFS/CIFS Gateway, 
    1U (CentOS)
    Client Connectivity: (4) 1GbE
ESVA family datasheet (PDF)
  Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 (including Hyper-V), 
  RedHat Enterprise Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise, Debian, CentOS,
  Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, HP-UX, VMware, Citrix XenServer
  *)IBM AIX, HP-UX: Multipathing supported by Veritas.

ESVA Cluster File System

  Flexible scalability: Scale the ESVA Cluster File System up to 4PB capacity
  "* The ESVA Local Replication License (Snapshot and Volume Copy/Mirror),
   ESVA Remote Replication License and ESVA Scale-Out License are not
   available when using ESVA storage systems in the ESVA Cluster File
   System. For more information, please contact Infortrend sales

ESVA data service datasheet (PDF)

With ESVA, storage scaling can be performed on demand. Both capacity and
performance can incrementally grow without disrupting service.

  *)Achieve "hot" capacity scaling by simply attaching expansion
    enclosures to member ESVA systems of a storage pool
  *)Automatic, dynamic workload balancing across ESVA systems to achieve
    and maintain optimized performance
  *)Linearly scale performance for increased transactional speed by
    adding more ESVA systems to the storage pool

※"Automatic, dynamic workload balancing across ESVA systems" は重要

Application Notes

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