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[san-tech][02514] 米政府スーパーコンピュータ用光ファイバ部品に $200,000投資

Date: Fri, 06 Aug 2010 02:24:46 +0900

"GigOptix Receives Grant to Customize Modulators for Government 
 Supercomputing Applications", Aug 02, 2010

  "today announced that it has secured a grant for $200,000 in research
   and development funds to customize the Company's proprietary LX8400
   40Gb/S Thin Film Polymer on Silicon (TFPS(TM)) Mach Zehnder (MZ) 
   modulator for use in an ongoing Government Supercomputing program."

  "Following the completion of a previous program where a GigOptix 
   modulator was able to successfully transmit 40Gb/s data at the extremely
   low temperatures of 40° Kelvin or -233° Celsius, this latest grant 
   will be used to further optimize the low temperature operation of the 
   design to enable optical links in next generation peta-flop class 
   supercomputers between processors running at ultra low temperatures 
   and large scale memory running at room temperatures."

 冷却用として比較的広範に使われている液体窒素が -196度なのでこれ以上で

米国政府で進行中のスーパーコンピュータ用ということは、DOE DARPA-HPCS
(Cray or IBM)、NSF NCSA Blue Waters (IBM) でしょうか。

Polymer Modulators

LX8400-GNL, 40Gb/s DPSK Modulator
はじめは、同じ Polymer Modulatorsでも、100Gb/s LX8900への投資かと思い

LX8900-WNL, 100Gb/s MZ Modulator


"100Gbps EO Polymer Modulator Product and Its Characterization using
 a Real‐Time Digitizer", Dr. Raluca Dinu, 03/25/2010 (PDF 26ページ)

Corporate Downloads
※簡単な技術説明等 (日本語版もあります。日本に支社、代理店?があります)

Luxteraからは以下のプレスリリースがありました (7月 1日ですが)。

"Luxtera Advances Optical Technology to Support 100Gbps Interconnects 
 for Datacenters", June 1, 2010

  "today announced that its optical modulators now support next-generation
   30Gbps serial data rates, a key step towards enabling four lane parallel
   100Gbps interconnects."

  "Next-generation products based on 30Gbps transmitter technology will
   sample in 2011. "

Blazar LUX5010A, Multirate 4x10G Optical Active Cable
40Gを 1レーンだと、ケーブルが太いと思ったら CAT-6程度ですね。
でも 4レーンだと・・・。ターゲットは、100GbE、時期 FC (28Gb)
InfiniBand Roadmap

"InfiniBand Trade Association (IBTA) Announces Updated InfiniBand
 Roadmap, Projecting Data Speeds of 104Gb/s per 4x Port in 2011"
 Jun 2, 2010

Blazar (4 x10 Gb Optical Active Cable) は Web経由で購入可能です、

"NOAA Selects Luxtera’s Award-Winning AOC to Power Multi-Room Data Center"
 March 15, 2010
※↑ PDFファイル

  "Spanning the distance from one to 4,000 meters, Blazar provides the 
   required extended reach to interconnect supercomputing systems and data
   storage in a campus environment across multiple rooms and floors."

OptoPHY LUX6004, 40 Gigabit Optical Transceiver

OptoPHY LUX6004は Web販売リストにありませんね。良く考えたら、

Documents, Luxtera

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