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[san-tech][02583] "High Frequency Trading in Japan on the Uptick", August 23, 2010, HPCwire

Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2010 12:07:06 +0900
受けている Chuck Chon氏は、日本の SBIジャパンネクスト証券株式会社の CTOです。

"High Frequency Trading in Japan on the Uptick"
 August 23, 2010, HPCwire

  "High frequency trading (HFT), often called algorithmic or low latency
   trading, relies on fast computers and even faster networks to execute
   trades in sub-second and even sub-millisecond timeframes. It has 
   generated massive profits for those firms skilled enough to handle 
   the complexities of the software and hardware.

   As such, it has become the dominant method for equity trading in the
   US, but it's popularity is expanding worldwide, especially Asia. 
   HPCwire got the opportunity to ask Chuck Chon, chief technology officer
   of SBI Japannext, about the HFT business in Japan and to talk about
   some of the technology behind it."


私設取引システム(PTS:Proprietary Trading System)
  "アメリカでは電子証券取引ネットワーク(ECN:Electronic Communications 

Electronic communication network

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