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[san-tech][03220] IBM Power 775:光ファイバー (120Gbps) で筐体間を接続

Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2011 22:20:49 +0900
"Avago Technologies Announces High-Density 120 Gbps Parallel Optical Solutions
 For Cloud Computing and Data Center Applications"
 June 26, 2012

"Industry underestimating 25 Gigabit parallel optics challenge"
 July 6, 2012, Gazettabyte

IBM Power 775筐体間は光ファイバー (120Gbps) で接続するそうです:
(最大 2,048ノード、3リンクホップ以下)

"Boosting high-performance computing with optics"
 JUNE 28, 2011, Gazettabyte

  "IBM has adopted optical interfaces for its latest POWER7-based
   high-end computer system. Gazettabyte spoke to IBM Fellow,
   Ed Seminaro, about high-performance computing and the need for
   optics to address bandwidth and latency requirements."
  "Using optical engines, each node - a specialised computing card -
   has a total bandwidth of 224, 120 Gigabit-per-second (12x10Gbps)
   VCSEL-based transmitters and 224, 120Gbps receivers. The interfaces
   can interconnect up to 2,048 nodes, over half a million POWER7
   cores, with a maximum network diameter of only three link hops.

   IBM claims that with the development of the Power 775, it has
   demonstrated the superiority of optics over copper for high-end
   computing designs."

使用されている Optical Engine:

"Optical engines bring Terabit bandwidth on a card"
 APRIL 12, 2011, , Gazettabyte

  "Avago Technologies is now delivering to customers its
   120 Gigabit-per-second optical engine devices."
"Figure 2: Sixteen MicroPods in a 4x4 array. Source: Avago Technologies"

Avago Technologies社のプレスリリース
"Avago Announces the World's Most Comprehensive Fiber Optic Portfolio
 for Data Center, Storage, Computing and Consumer Applications"
 March 08, 2011

Embedded Parallel Optics Deliver World's Highest Bandwidth Interconnect
  "The Avago MicroPOD embedded parallel optics are the world's smallest
   120-Gbps optical transmitters and receivers. They offer 12 transmit
   or receive channels at up to 10.3125 Gbps while consuming only
   125 mW per channel."

MicroPOD and MiniPOD 120G Transmitters/Receivers, Avago Technologies

Key Features
*)10.3125 Gbps per channel, 12 channels
*)Separate Tx and Rx modules for maximum board layout flexibility
*)120Gbps aggregate bandwidth
*)125mW per channel
*)< 50μW power consumption in power save mode

Packaging Options
*)MicroPOD: 8.2x7.8mm with LGA electrical interface for ultra-dense
  embedded solutions
*)MiniPOD: 22x18.5mm with 9x9 MegArray? connector for simplified
  embedded solutions
※Product Brief等は要問い合わせ

こちらは 120Gbpsモジュール:
Twelve-Channel Receiver Pluggable, Parallel-Fiber-Optic Modules
Product Brief (PDF)

IBM Power 775 Supercomputer

  "With the capability of clustering up to 2,048 nodes together,
   the total processing power of up to 524,288 POWER7 cores can be
   assigned to tackle some of the world's greatest problems."

Power 775: 32 Power 7 chips (8 cores)

"IBM Appoints Six New Fellows Who Explore the Boundaries of Technology"
 16 May 2007
"Edward J. Seminaro - Systems and Technology Group, Poughkeepsie"

"Gazettabyte is a resource for the optical community. It includes in-depth
 features on datacom and telecom topics as well as information targeted at
 individuals working in the optical industry"

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