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[san-tech][03230] MapR: 2つのディストリビューションを公開、June 29, 2011

Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2011 19:21:47 +0900
以前紹介した MapRが 2つのディストリビューションを公開しました:
※今までは EMCとの提携

"MapR Technologies Announces Availability of the Industry's Easiest,
 Fastest and Most Dependable Distribution for Apache Hadoop"
 Free version of MapR now available
 June 29, 2011

  "... today announced significant and innovative breakthroughs in the
   world of Hadoop big data software, unveiling its unmatched
   enterprise-ready software. The MapR Distribution for Apache Hadoop
   provides 2 to 5 times performance improvements and brings
   unprecedented dependability to MapReduce analytics. In addition to
   its radical ease-of-use capabilities, the MapR Distribution for
   Apache Hadoop enables customers to reduce their required hardware
   costs by half, making it possible for more organizations to harness
   the power of big data analytics for competitive advantage. The MapR
   Distribution includes popular open-source community tools and
   capabilities such as Hbase, Hive, Cascading and Zookeeper, among
   others, and is available for download here."

MapR Technologies announced the immediate availability of two distributions:

  "The MapR M3 Edition, free for an unlimited number of nodes, is
   a complete distribution that includes core performance, ease of use
   and dependability breakthroughs. MapR M3 is aimed at users of both
   small and large environments who can benefit from the cost reduction,
   dependability and ease of use that MapR ensures each of its users."

  "The MapR M5 Edition, which offers a robust feature set, including
   JobTracker, Distributed NameNode and NFS high availability; data
   protection including Snapshot and Mirroring capabilities, and 24X7

Download MapR

以前紹介した通り、MapRは NFSマウント可能です。

"MapR unleashes two 'next-generation' Hadoop distros"
 Well, one next-generation, and one free semi-next
 29th June 2011, The Register
  "Though MapR refers to its two new products as "distributions", these
   are not entirely open source. MapR has made extensive changes to
   the underlying platform that are proprietary. That said, the company
   recently signed a Corporate Contributor License Agreement with the
   Apache Foundation, signaling its intention to contribute code back to
   the community, and vice president of marketing Jack Norris tells
   The Register that such work is already underway.
   "It's an evolving process," he says."
  "Both distros also include the MapR "Heatmap", a graphical interface
   for managing Hadoop nodes. The company claims that both products
   provide much higher performance than the open source incarnation of
  "Though the free M3 distro can be used on an unlimited number of nodes,
   it does not include the new Hadoop job tracker and name space built by
   MapR. These are only available with the for-pay M5 edition."

"Battle on: MapR, Cloudera pimp their Hadoop products"
 Jun. 29, 2011, GigaOM

"Cloudera Crashes Hortonworks Party with Hadoop Enterprise Update"
 June 29th, SiliconANGLE

Hadoop Summit 2011 - Yahoo! Developer Network
"Design, Scale and Performance of MapR's Distribution for Hadoop"
 M. C. Srivas, MapR Technologies, Hadoop Summit 2011

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