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Tue, 26 Jan 2010 16:23:53 +0900
また HPCネタですが

"Governor Bill Richardson Launches Statewide Access to New Mexico's Supercomputer"
 January 25, 2010
 "Governor Bill Richardson today helped launch eight "gateway" sites,
  which will link communities across the state to New Mexico's Supercomputer,
  Encanto, and announced another 25 sites will come online soon. Encanto
  is the fastest public supercomputer in the world."

 ""The opening of these Supercomputer gateways is significant to New Mexico's
  economic and high-tech future," Governor Richardson said. "We're bringing
  the highest level of supercomputing to every corner of the state, giving
  New Mexicans the opportunity to tap in to its remarkable educational and
  economic possibilities.""

※知事が変わり、上記プレスリリースはサイトから無くなりました (2011/07/02)。
"Governor Bill Richardson Launches Statewide Access to New Mexico's Supercomputer"
 January 26, 2010

New Mexico's Supercomputer (NMCAC)
  => (2011/07/02)
 "was approved by New Mexico’s Legislature in 2007 and began operations
  in 2008 as a resource for applications-driven high-speed computer problem
  solving. Working closely with the Los Alamos National Laboratory, Sandia
  National Labs and the State’s three research universities,"

 "The NMCAC is also committed to supporting the State’s education and
  health initiatives as well as economic development."

 "Unlike our competitors, NMCAC is not focused on 'selling cycles.' Our goal
  is to create mutually-beneficial relationships with companies and
  organizations by providing applications solutions using our institutions'
  expertise. Though a non-profit organization, we are devoted to making your
  computing experience a profitable one."

  Capable of 172 trillion calculations per second!
  * SGI Altix ICE 8200 cluster with a peak theoretical performance of
    172 TFlops (Rpeak) and 133 TFLops sustained (Rmax)
  * 1,792 nodes each with dual 3.0 GHz quad core Intel Xeon processors
  * 28.7 TB of local memory (2GB/core)
  * Luster filesystem with 10 GB/sec bandwidth for parallel IO and storage
  * NFS filesystem for persistent data storage
  * Connectivity to National Lambda Rail
    National Lambda Rail, The Network for Advanced Research and Innovation

"Governor Richardson Announces $41 Million in Federal Funding from the
 National Science Foundation for New Mexico Computer Projects"
 November 13, 2009
 "The New Mexico Computing Applications Center, which oversees Encanto is
  under contract for $5.3 million in support of those grants. The awards
  will provide funding over a five-year period to the supercomputing

Governor Bill Richardson (30th Governor of New Mexico from 2003 to 2011)
  Political party: Democratic

"2009 NEW MEXICO Economic Development Department Annual Report"
 "New Mexico continues to be a leader in new technologies. Our abundant
  solar, wind and geothermal potential is being recognized and
  harnessed to create Green Energy and Green Jobs. The Encanto Supercomputer
  made its debut this year, becoming the largest supercomputer available
  to private industry. Encanto helped to attract filmmakers DreamWorks
  SKG and health care entity Insigniam Innovation Discovery Center to
  New Mexico, creating almost a hundred high wage jobs." (Page 3)
Technology-based Economic Development (Page 8)

State of New Mexico
New Mexico Office of Recovery and Reinvestment
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