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[san-tech][03222] "The 10 worst cloud outages (and what we can learn from them)", JUNE 27, 2011, InfoWorld

Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2011 17:42:44 +0900
InfoWorldによる Cloud 10大事件 "Colossal cloud outage" 特集です:

"The 10 worst cloud outages (and what we can learn from them)"
 JUNE 27, 2011, InfoWorld (Total 5 pages)

  "As a concept, there's a lot to like about the cloud. Drop those bulky
   servers and get yourself a big, white hard drive in the sky. Someone
   else handles the upkeep and lets you put your data where you want it.
   Even the word "cloud" itself brings to mind a heavenly (if slightly
   fluffy) fantasy.

   The reality is, of course, a mixed bag. What you gain in avoiding
   upkeep, you lose in control. And the security concerns are
   considerable. But nowhere is the nightmare as vivid as it is when
   your cloud service goes down."
  "To help keep your business pain-free in the cloud, we offer these
   hard-earned lessons at the hands of 10 of the worst cloud storms
   the Web has weathered."
※"Colossal cloud outage" リストは Webを確認して下さい。

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