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[san-tech][03221] "Alcatel-Lucent rolls 400 Gbit router chip", 6/28/2011, EETimes

Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2011 17:04:24 +0900
EETimesによる Alcatel-Lucentの次期ネットワークプロセッサに関する記事です:

"Alcatel-Lucent rolls 400 Gbit router chip"
 6/28/2011, EETimes

  "Alcatel-Lucent has designed a network processor capable of handling
   400 Gbit/second data flows, twice the throughput of the best chip
   from archrival Cisco. The FP3 will appear in edge routers in
   mid-2012 and ultimately will spearhead the company's drive into core

  "Cisco rolled out its 100-200 Gbit/s CRS-3 router chip in November.
   It is said to have a next-generation chip in the works called
   Pita with as many as 200 cores to handle 400 Gbit/s flows, and
   Huawei is working on a similar chip due next year."
  "The FP3 consists of three chips made in 40nm technology, a 288-core
   packet processor, a traffic management chip and a fabric-access chip.
   Together the three can handle up to 400 Gbits/s of raw data flow with
   all inspection and management services enabled, consuming about
   0.15 W/Gbit/s.

   The cores used in the packet processor are based on the company's own
   proprietary design."
  "The FP3 chips will first appear by next June in three line cards for
   Alca-Lu's existing edge routers. One will support two 100 Gbit/s
   Ethernet ports, another will support six 40G Ethernet ports and the
   third will have 20 10G Ethernet ports.

   The chips are already running on prototype line cards in the company's
   labs where they are undergoing testing."

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