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[san-tech][03214] Re: Juniper QFX3500(Project Stratus) 発表

Date: Sun, 26 Jun 2011 01:25:46 +0900

"Violin tunes up for billion dollar flash gig"
 25th June 2011, The Register

  "Violin Memory CEO Don Basile reckons Violin can repeat what Connor
   Peripherals did in disk drives, Cisco in networking, and NetApp in
   file storage; become a billion dollar a year revenue platform

NAND chip supply security
  "Toshiba has invested in Violin Memory and has a strategic partner
   relationship. SanDisk partners Toshiba in the fab business and has
   bought Pliant to get into the enterprise SSD business."
   [san-tech][02186] Violin Memoryに東芝が出資
  "Samsung has invested in Fusion-io and has a relationship with
   Seagate for SSDs."
  "Basile said: "We made our deal to make Toshiba our largest investor
   and strategic partner - so we will get our NAND. Steve Jobs will
   get his NAND and we will too.""

Violin, Juniper and IBM
  "Violin is working with Juniper, and has an investment from that
   company, because there is a good marketing fit between their two

   Basile characterises Juniper's QFabric as a network that can deliver
   deterministically low-latency, non-blocking traffic, and can scale."....

  "He says that Violin's memory array is fundamentally a networking
   device needing a network to connect to servers. This could be HP's
   vConnect backplane in a bladed server system or QFabric at a data
   centre level.

   Juniper will ship QFabric in the fall, with Violin Memory arrays to
   drive traffic through the network.


   Basile said Violin is also working with IBM and its General Parallel
   File System (GPFS)" .... "We worked with GPFS for over a year to make
   this possible and achieve linear scalability. Both meta data and bulk
   data are stored on Violin's arrays with GPFS backing off trash to
   other storage. It will completely change the way people build storage
On Thu, 24 Feb 2011 13:29:20 +0900

> 本件とは関係無いですが、先日 Juniper関連で以下のプレスリリースがあり
> ました:
> "Violin Memory Attracts $35 Million in Series B Funding from Investors
>  Including Juniper Networks and Toshiba"
>  February 7, 2011
>   ... "today announced a $35 Million Series B funding round which
>    includes Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc.," ...
>   "Also joining this round is networking innovator Juniper Networks,
>    along with other corporate partners, crossover investment funds,
>    high net worth industry leaders and private equity general partners."
> .....
>   ""Violin Memory is a true performance leader in high-end silicon
>    storage," said R.K. Anand, Executive Vice President and General
>    Manager, Data Center Business at Juniper Networks.  "We believe
>    their innovative flash Memory Array will play an important role
>    in delivering tiered and near-server storage capabilities to help
>    advance the requirements of cloud computing and network-driven
>    data center consolidation.""
> 関連記事
> "Juniper stuffs money into Violin"
>  7th February 2011
> Violin Memoryと言えば、
> "Violin Memory社製 半導体ストレージシステム「V-3000シリーズ」の販売を
>  開始"
>  2011年2月1日、住商情報システム株式会社

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