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[san-tech][02533] Cloud Computing for Motion Picture Rendering

Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2010 11:03:38 +0900

"Cerelink Signs Agreement with DreamWorks Animation to Use
 Cloud Computing for Motion Picture Rendering in New Mexico"
 July 27, 2010

  "Cerelink, Inc., a New Mexico Cloud Computing company, and DreamWorks
   Animation SKG, Inc. (Nasdaq: DWA) have signed a multi-year agreement
   to use on-demand, 'elastic cloud computing' to render DreamWorks
   Animation motion picture projects. Cerelink has deployed a significant
   number of computer servers in New Mexico to meet DreamWorks' demand
   for computer generated imagery (CGI) rendering."

ちなみに使用する HPCは以下で紹介した Encanto Supercomputerです

[san-tech][02030] 米ニューメキシコ州の HPC
> New Mexico's Supercomputer (NMCAC)
> Encanto
>   Capable of 172 trillion calculations per second!
>   * SGI Altix ICE 8200 cluster with a peak theoretical performance of
>     172 TFlops (Rpeak) and 133 TFLops sustained (Rmax)
>   * 1,792 nodes each with dual 3.0 GHz quad core Intel Xeon processors
>   * 28.7 TB of local memory (2GB/core)
>   * Luster filesystem with 10 GB/sec bandwidth for parallel IO and storage
>   * NFS filesystem for persistent data storage
>   * Connectivity to National Lambda Rail
>     National Lambda Rail, The Network for Advanced Research and Innovation

"Cerelink is a cloud computing provider to the motion picture industry.
 We provide private clouds for rendering and for other content creation/
 management applications."

News and Press Releases

National Lambda Rail経由だと
  New Mexico to Los Angeles  : 17ms
  New Mexico to San Francisco: 28ms
Accessing a Secure, Ultra Fast Advanced Network
で "click here"
National Lambda Rail, The Network for Advanced Research and Innovation

New Mexico州は映画制作をバックアップしています
new mexico's film incentives

  "New Mexico offers a 25% tax rebate on all production expenditures
   (including New Mexico labor) that are subject to taxation by the
   State of New Mexico. This is a refund, not a credit."
※Cerelinkによると renderingも productionに含まれるとなっています。

new mexico state film office


"DreamWorks signs cloud computing deal"
 28th July 2010, The Register
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