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[san-tech][03233] Thunderbolt Cableを分解

Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2011 22:21:53 +0900
Thunderbolt Cableを分解しちゃいました:

"What Makes the Thunderbolt Cable Lightning Fast"
 June 29, 2011, iFixit Blog

  "We found two Gennum GN2033 chips in the connector, one on each side.
   They were flanked by other, much smaller chips that surely added to
   the cable's cost: two chips labeled S6A 1JG on one side, and chips
   labeled 1102F SS8370 and 131 3S on the other. Of course, there were
   tons of little resistors (providing impedance as needed) all around
   the larger chips."

  "We assumed that the other connector side would be identical, and
   we were correct. All in all, Apple's $50 cable contained a total of
   12 larger, inscribed chips, and tons of smaller electronic components."

GN2033 Active-Cable Transceiver
Industry's first in-connector 10Gb/s transceiver chip for Thunderbolt
thin-gauge copper cable

 2011年 2月 25日、EE Times
アップル - Thunderbolt。次世代のI/Oインターフェイステクノロジー。
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