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[san-tech][03379] Cache IQ:新興 NAS加速化キャッシュプラットフォーム, Sep. 19, 2011

Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2011 15:31:39 +0900
Cache IQ社が少しだけ製品アナウンスをしました:

"Cache IQ Announces Industry's First Smart NAS Acceleration Solution"
 RapidCache dramatically increases application performance and tames
 the out of control growth of network attached storage
 September 19, 2011

  "Cache IQ, an enterprise storage solutions company, announced today
   the limited release of their RapidCache solution. This intelligent,
   high-performance network attached storage (NAS) caching appliance
   delivers enhanced performance to I/O intensive applications while
   relieving overburdened storage subsystems. RapidCache identifies
   applications' active data sets, and then uses a combination of
   DRAM and SSDs to dramatically improve performance."


RapidCache Datasheet
RapidCache Technical Overview, White Paper
※White Paperを見ないと構成は解りません。

Avere Systems, Inc.
A-3 Architecture

とのざっと見た違いは、RapidCacheは "Flow Director" と "Data Server"
の 2機種構成です。Data Serverの搭載メディア (D-RAM/SSD)、接続台数は
自由なようです (実運用中の増設可能かは解りません)。
Data Server (Virtual Tier) の自由度を強調している感じがしますが、
(将来のメディア候補は PCIe Flash, iSCSI, FCoE等)、設置台数を含めて、

う~ん、Intelligent High Performance NAS Cache Platform

Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2011 15:44:30 +0900
Avere Systems, Inc.に関する The Registerの最新記事です:

"Avere menaces NetApp with accelerators"
 Promises satisfaction without short-stroking
 19th September 2011, The Register

  "Avere says it is capturing business that would have gone to NetApp
   because its clustered accelerators cost less than NetApp storage
   upgrades, and run faster."
  "Up to six FXT nodes can be clustered together and any NFS-using
   filers can be accelerated by Avere. It is focusing on NetApp
   and EMC because they are the big fish in its sea. El Reg
   was briefed by Avere CEO Ron Bianchini on a couple of recent wins
   against NetApp."


  "Bianchini says Avere FXTs have been used in front of BlueArc
   filers too. But, we said, these are hardware-accelerated and
   go fast. "No it doesn't," Bianchini replied: "It's one box and
   eventually the box runs out of gas... We sit in front of BlueArc,
   Isilon, whatever.""
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