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[san-tech][03374] "Kaminario and Fusion-io Collaborate to Deliver Enterprise-class All Solid-State SAN Storage", Sept. 13, 2011

Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2011 16:21:05 +0900
Kaminarioという All Solid-state SAN Storage Solutionsメーカーと
※Kaminarioの新製品プレスリリースも同日です (後述します)。

"Kaminario and Fusion-io Collaborate to Deliver Enterprise-class
 All Solid-State SAN Storage"
 Kaminario K2 storage embeds Fusion-io technology, addressing
 enterprises' I/O- and latency-bound applications
 Sept. 13, 2011

  "Kaminario, a leading provider of high performance, all solid-state
   SAN storage for accelerating critical business applications,
   today announced that it is teaming up with Fusion-io (NYSE: FIO),
   a provider of a shared data decentralization platform, to develop
   and market the next-generation Kaminario K2 storage, the industry's
   first all solid-state SAN storage."
  "As part of the companies' collaboration, Kaminario will incorporate
   the Fusion ioDrive Duo as a memory accelerator in its all
   solid-state SAN storage and its Scale-out Performance Storage
   Architecture (SPEAR). Kaminario and Fusion-io will also team up
   to bring the Kaminario K2 family of products into joint customer
   environments. These combined efforts reinforce the companies'
   commitment to remove the barriers enterprises currently face
   in obtaining high performance and highly available SAN storage
   at a price point that makes sense."

Kaminario K2 storage (新製品) に関するプレスリリース:

"Kaminario Announces the Industry's First Enterprise Grade
 All Solid-State SAN Storage with Media Freedom of Choice"
 New K2 hybrid delivers the fastest, most reliable and
 cost-effective application performance
 Sept. 13, 2011

  "..... the new Kaminario K2 family offers a choice of media
   (DRAM/Flash) in a single system without compromising on
   enterprise-class speed, self-healing high availability or ease of use.
   Kaminario will incorporate the Fusion-io ioMemory Flash technology
   into its K2 architecture, combining best-in-class solid-state
   technology with the industry’s first enterprise-grade, all
   solid-state SAN storage solution."

Kaminario K2 All Solid-state SAN Storage Solutions

Kaminario K2 Models
  *)Kaminario K2-H - A hybrid of DRAM and/or Flash SSD media
  *)Kaminario K2-D - DRAM-only SSD media
  *)Kaminario K2-F - Flash-only SSD media

Kaminario All Solid-State SAN Storage Technology
Kaminario Scale-Out Performance Storage Architecture (SPEAR)

Kaminario K2 SAN Storage Data Sheets
Kaminario K2 All Solid-State SAN Storage White Papers
Kaminario K2 Storage Appliance Customer Case Studies


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Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2011 16:57:10 +0900
Kaminario社自体は、去年 6月に D-RAMベースのストレージシステムを発表

"Kaminario K2 High-Performance Enterprise Data Appliance Eliminates
 Data Access Bottlenecks and Improves Business Performance"
 June 14, 2010

"Kaminario climbs performance mountain"
 K2 DRAM grid-in-a-box
 14th June 2010, The Register

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