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[san-tech][03375] Pure Storage: the First All-Flash Enterprise Array, August 23, 2011

Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2011 16:30:46 +0900

1ヶ月余り前の発表ですが、All-Flash Arrayストレージシステムメーカー

"Pure Storage Breaks the Cost Barrier to Mainstream Flash Adoption
 in the Data Center with the First All-Flash Enterprise Array"
 All-Flash Array is 10x Faster, 10x More Power and Space Efficient,
 and Less Expensive than Traditional Disk-Centric Arrays
 August 23, 2011

Products Overview

FlashArray Hardware Specifications

Pure Storage's YouTube Channel

"New Samsung-funded Flash disruptor uncloaks"
 Storage applecarts tumble like leaves in a gale
 23rd August 2011, The Register

"Pure Storage Raises $30M in Series C Financing for All-Flash Enterprise
 Array Technology"
 Samsung and Redpoint Ventures join Greylock Partners,
 Sutter Hill Ventures and Angels in Oversubscribed Round for Disruptive
 Flash Storage Startup
 August 23, 2011

"Start-Up Places Pure Bet On Flash Memory"
 AUGUST 23, 2011, WSJ Blog

"Pure Storage surfaces"
 August 23, 2011, RayOnStorage Blog

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