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[san-tech][03381] Intel Hybrid Memory Cube (HMC) に関する Blog, Sep. 15, 2011, Research@Intel

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[san-tech][03564] "Open-Silicon Announces Industry’s First Hybrid Memory Cube Controller IP", June 4, 2012
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IDF 2011でデモンストレーションされた Intel Hybrid Memory Cube (HMC)
についての Blogです:

"Reinventing DRAM with the Hybrid Memory Cube"
 September 15, 2011. Bryan Casper, Research@Intel

  "Today, Intel CTO Justin Rattner is demonstrating the Hybrid Memory
   Cube, the fastest and most efficient Dynamic Random Access Memory
   (DRAM) ever built. I want to give you some background on how
   and why we collaborated with Micron on this new memory technology."
  "The result of this joint research project between Micron Technology
   and Intel has been the development of some key achievements. Last year,
   Intel designed and demonstrated an I/O prototype that achieved
   a record-breaking 1.4 milliwatts per gigabit per second energy
   efficiency that was optimized for this hybrid-stacked DRAM application.
   The two companies worked together to jointly develop and specify
   a high-bandwidth memory architecture and protocol for a prototype
   that was designed and manufactured this year by Micron. This
   hybrid-stacked DRAM prototype, known as the Hybrid Memory Cube (HMC),
   is the world's highest bandwidth DRAM device with sustained transfer
   rates of 1 terabit per second (trillion bits per second). On top of that,
   it is also the most energy efficient DRAM ever built when measured
   in number of bits transferred versus energy consumed. This
   groundbreaking prototype has 10 times the bandwidth and 7 times
   the energy efficiency than even the most advanced DDR3 memory module


"Intel targets exascale computing with new technologies"
 16 September, 2011. ZDNet UK

Intel's Hybrid Memory Cube is a type of low-latency Nand flash memory
technology. Photo credit: Jack Clark

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"Justin Rattner氏キーノートスピーチ
 2011年 9月 20日,【IDF 2011レポート】, PC Watch




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