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[san-tech][03373] Quantum to Expand StorNext Appliance Family, Sep 08, 2011

Date: Sat, 17 Sep 2011 15:21:17 +0900

Quantumから StorNextアプライアンスがアナウンスされました:
※StorNext Applianceは初めてでは?

"Quantum to Expand StorNext Appliance Family to Simplify Big Data
 File Sharing and Archiving"
 New offerings will allow industry-proven StorNext software
 to deliver unparalleled data management performance, flexibility
 and cost-effectiveness
 Sep 08, 2011

  "Quantum Corp. ....., today announced it is adding new products to
   its StorNext appliance family. The expanded family will use the power
   of StorNext and market-leading hardware to offer predictable
   high-performance file sharing and archiving in purpose-built
   configurations of metadata controllers, expansion appliances and disk,
   and archive enabled libraries."

High-performance metadata controller
*)The recently announced StorNext M330 is the first in a series of
  metadata controller appliances from Quantum.

Expansion appliances and disk
*)StorNext G300 Scale-Out Gateway Appliance
*)The scalable StorNext QM1200, QS1200 and QD6000 Storage Systems
  StorNext QM1200 Storage System will be ideal as fast disk for metadata.
  The StorNext QD6000 will scale to over 1 PB of data in a single array
※Expansion appliances and diskの URLsは未だのようです。

Fast, economical archives
*)The StorNext Archive Enabled Libraries can be purchased with as few as
  41 activated slots or as many as 5,000 activated slots, protecting
  data sets that can range from 60 TB to over 7.5 PB.

StorNext M330 Metadata Controller Appliance

Data Sheetから (URL直接指定は不可ですが、↑からダウンロード可能です)
  6U total height
  2 metadata controllers (one for failover)
  1 dedicated metadata array
Client OS support:
  Linux, Windows, AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, Mac OS
Hardware reliability:
  Dual metadata controllers with automatic failover
  Redundant power supplies
  Redundant cooling fans
  Automated SAS I/O path failover
  Hot spare drive in metadata array
  4GB mirrored RAID battery backed cache
  Two 8 Gbps FC ports, per controller
  Three 1GbE ports with RJ45 connectors

StorNext Archive Enabled Library (AEL)

StorNext Family of Appliances for Managing Big Data
※現時点では、StorNext M330と StorNext AEL

StorNext (Software単体)

紹介記事 (プレスリリース+コメント)
"Quantum to Attack Isilon and Others With Scale-Out NAS"
 September 16th, 2011,

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