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[san-tech][03378] ScaleMP Announces Strategic Collaboration with AMD, Sep. 20, 2011

Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2011 14:59:44 +0900
ScaleMPから AMD公式サポートのアナウンスがありました:

"ScaleMP Announces Strategic Collaboration with AMD:
 vSMP Foundation for AMD-Based Servers"
 Users can scale servers based on the AMD Opteron platform beyond
 four processors and 512GB RAM using vSMP Foundation
 September 20, 2011

  "ScaleMP, ..., today announced a strategic collaboration with AMD
   for vSMP Foundation to support AMD Opteron processor-based servers.
   The collaboration enables users to scale AMD-based servers beyond
   four processors and create AMD Opteron processor-based systems
   with up to 512 processors and 64TB of memory."

Product Availability
  "The upcoming release of vSMP Foundation will support aggregating
   up to 128 AMD processor-based servers, providing customers with
   up to 64TB RAM and 512 sockets, offering thousands of cores.
   A limited release of vSMP Foundation will be available to customers
   starting October 1, 2011, followed by a general availability
   November 21, 2011."

"ScaleMP (finally) glues together 128 Opteron servers"
 The 8,192 core, 64TB AMD behemoth
 20th September 2011, The Register
  "This version of vSMP is now supported on Opteron-based servers,
   not just those based on Intel Xeons. ScaleMP is supporting nodes
   based on either the current 8-core and 12-core "Magny-Cours"
   Opteron 6100s and the 12-core and 16-core Opteron 6200s.
   The virtual machine manager at the heart of vSMP can currently
   scales to 128 nodes. Depending on the cores per chip and
   the generation you use, you can have from 2,048 to 8,192 cores
   in a single image."

"ScaleMP Provides Fujitsu with vSMP Foundation Hardware Certification"
 ScaleMP vSMP Foundation and PRIMERGY x86 Servers Combine
 To Create a Powerful SMP Solution for HPC Systems
 September 15, 2011

"ScaleMP社の「vSMP Foundation」とPCサーバ「PRIMERGY」を組み合わせた
「PRIMERGY RX300 S6」「PRIMERGY RX600 S6」で「vSMP Foundation」の

Certified Hardware and OS, ScaleMP
※Backplane Infiniband HCAは Mellanoxだけ・・・
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